Friday, 18 July 2014

Plans, Planes and Propaganda

A hearty good afternoon to you all.

I have several excuses for my leave of absence one of which I think is very valid. I have been time poor once again with the burden of earning money. If only we all could stroll through life devoid of commitments and this primal need to succeed. Ok, so it isn't a writing job but it is something. Admin girls get a lot of bad press and I would like to think I'm an exception to the rule. If you give me a job, no matter how tedious or boring I'll get it done, and I'll do it well. I pride myself on good work ethic and right now my bank account is relying on that ethic.

I'm getting back into the swing of full working days and I'm absolutely loving the comfort of my bed and hating waking up in the dark cold hours of the early morning. But through it all I get little sparkles of motivation, little pick me ups that make it worth while. I like to think I'm a pretty grounded person, I might talk fairy tales and poetic fantasies but I don't really believe in them. My head is in a good space right now - do your job, do it well and write on the side. I've decided that writing is my long term goal. It isn't going to happen over night and it is going to be a very long and slow journey, one that I am willing to see through.

I had the great opportunity of interviewing one of Australia's most renowned and successful fashion designers, Akira Isogawa. It was one of the scariest and stressful interviews I have ever conducted. It all was organised in a flurry, right down to the wire. Think The Newsroom kind of deadline, you have no preparation time and you've got one hour to get your act together. I've realised I quite like that pressure, it motivates me and there is no time for Ms procrastination to show her lazy self. Looking back at that sweaty palms and pulse racing day I think rather masochistically, I want to feel that again. Akira was a delight, an absolutely kind, gentle and ethereal soul to interview and I only wish I could have had more time to pick his brilliant brain.

You'll see the fruits of that labor as well as my other story with Chef Alejandro Cancino in the next issue of Sartre, coming to a street near you early August!

In other, even more exciting news I get to board a plane yet again! I am slave to wanderlust and privy to the travel bug, it's got me bad and I'm never going to be cured. Come October I shall be trekking up Machu Picchu. Yes, Alicia is attempting to prove she's not a couch potato. I've never done anything like this before. I've roughed it at school camp and I've stayed at some god awful hostels but this is pretty hardcore. I'm trekking up thousands upon thousands of stairs across four days to see this ancient beast. I'm hoping the guidebooks are right, that it will all be worth it. People have asked why I'm not catching the train and the answer seems a little fool hearty "Because I believe you have to earn Machu Picchu". I want to follow the path of the mighty Incas, I want to feel that adrenaline, that pain, that sense of true physical accomplishment. Plus I will be motivated to get through it because that's only the beginning of my trip. I'm then off to Iguassu Falls and Rio where I shall dance on copacabana beach, climb some more stairs to Christ the Redeemer, take mandatory selfies and eat, eat, eat!

What propaganda? That would be me selling me. With my rather rudimentary photoshop skills I am in the process of making new business cards. I feel rather unprofessional when I get to go to all these foodie and networking events and the business cards get exchanged... so that's happening ASAP.

So that's my big update sorry for the silence. I am trying to block off time just for my blog but I'm finding it difficult to keep up.

And bonus/irrelevant news: I have wasted four days to the wonderful world of Orange is the New Black. This show is like none other I have ever watched (and I've watched my fair share). The cast has eons of chemistry, the story lines thrilling, emotional and important and it is the perfect balance of comedy and drama. Jason Biggs plays a more adult role beyond the apple pie and a fairly unknown cast pop on screen and deliver award deserving performances. What I love about this show is it's message: it highlights everything wrong with the American criminal correction system and portrays this idea that criminals can be anyone, sometimes we are all just a step away from going too far. One mistake, can change a life.


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