Thursday, 12 June 2014


Remember back in the year that was 2013 I promised a change; well six months later I have delivered!

I hope you like the new banner and the updated photos of yours truly. I have spent most of today revamping this space so I won't be giving you much of a post tonight. So just a quick update:

Got a couple more sneaky days at work which is a god send considering my dwindling bank account

Said bank account is dwindling due to some exciting news that will have to wait till another day

Invites to menu launches and food events are coming in thick and fast so that aspect of life is receiving a healthy appetite

Currently getting fit with morning runs (close those jaws please, I can indeed exercise)

Recent obsessions involve: Breaking Bad, Sorted (YouTube channel involving cooking and 4 cute Brits), tote bags, avocado on toast and listening to Ed Sheeran's 'All the Stars'

I have a post in draft which will hopefully see the light of day next week. In the mean time smile each morning, give yourself some you time and eat well.


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