Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sartre Issue 2

My absence has been sorely missed I'm sure so let us recap what I've been up to.

Still technically unemployed I seem to be keeping busy. With 2 part time jobs and weekly posts for Creative Drinks, setting up interviews, doing PR calls and general social media advertising I'm finding the shoe is beginning to fit.

These past three weeks I have experienced first hand learning on the job is the most effective way to learn, uni taught me I can leave things till the last minute as long as those wee morning hours are productive and involve 100% concentration and dedication. I'm learning my future career will again involve all of this - paying attention, dedication and focus. Granted some people can't work under a deadline so don't listen to that advice as a rule. But learning on the job is a definitive truth and one that I'll keep on actively seeking. And considering I'm going to working till 70 (thank you Australian government) I better make it a good 50 years. What I want to say is fear is a good thing and diving into the deep end is an even better thing, so go on and do things you haven't been officially trained in, you will be surprised what you are capable of.

Creative Drinks is reaching an even wider audience and with the help of Sartre magazine things are looking bright. Last week I was invited to a private table for dessert tasting at Chester Street Bakery which was amazeballs - the cereal milk panna cotta was something else! Then the following school night I headed over to Rosalie to join an intimate group of media personalities to try out Moga's new a la carte lunch menu where we were spoiled with doting service, endless amounts of traditional Japanese cuisine, a word from the chef and a special dessert to end a wonderful night filled with great company and incredible food. Tonight I'm heading to Aqua Linea for the media launch of the Teneriffe festival and I'm betting my stomach will once again be satisfied.

And finally here it is: Issue 2 of the beautiful Sartre magazine. You will notice there's been a few design changes and our editorial team have spent many a late night making sure there are no mistakes this time around. It is seriously a unique and gorgeous free publication that I hope Brisbanites are currently enjoying with their coffees and friends. This issue I had the priviledge of sitting down with Katrina Ryan former head chef at Neil Perry's Rockpool Sydney who now resides in Brisbane with her family running The Golden Pig, a cafe and cooking school in Newstead - this place is perfectly designed and the people behind it are even more perfect. I was also given the duty to write the last page 'Sneak Peek' a small little plug for four great eats around Brisbane. So seriously, I'm asking you to pick one up - they are hanging all around the place, it's not like I'm asking you to travel far and wide for your copy. Make sure you tell your friend, grandma and dog and don't be shy, let us know your thoughts and shoot an email to

I hope you are religiously heading over to because it's totes the best Brisbane website ever! But seriously, I write there every week so if you shed a tear for my inconsistent ways here know that I'm over there at all times.

So I hope you are all having equally productive lives, don't let the nightmare budget of 2014 get you down and always be who you want to be.

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