Thursday, 27 March 2014

When do I write best?

Scientist still can't solve the puzzle of the human mind and maybe it is simply because there is no need to solve it. Let it be mysterious, let it be difficult, let it be unique.

I know that my mind works in mysterious ways; it doesn't seem to have a direct path, she never wants to think the same at all times, she's wayward, whimsy and clumsy. After reading Mindy Kaling's (my current girl crush and idol) ridiculously cute, humorous and relate-able little autobiography I got thinking. Where is it that I write best? When is it? I realised like Mindy it isn't sitting at a beautiful mahogany desk in one of those architectural designed chairs but more likely under the bed sheets or lying on the floor at strange hours of the day with unkempt hair.

I have spent today in my hoodie tucked under my union jack throw trying out a new atmosphere. I was relieved to read that Mindy the brilliant comic writer that she is is also monstrously guilty of procrastination. She can't help but spend hours preparing to write, watching tv, fetching a snack, doing other chores and by the time that's all over she's only got an hour to write. A tutor once told me that we journalists as a breed thrive on pressure and that's why we are prone to procrastination; I'm relieved to hear that this is a real thing, this prone to lazy personality is simply a trait of my profession.

In truth that is exactly what I have done today. I crept slowly off my bed, made some breakfast, did some house work, contemplated writing which in turn led to browsing pinterest for inspirational writing quotes which then led to my mind thinking it needed more inspiration and thus headed to YouTube and watched 2 hours of famous screenplay writers talking words of wisdom which then of course got me on an Aaron Sorkin fan girl crush and hence the need to watch an episode of The West Wing while eating lunch. And finally I am sitting outside under the comfort of my patio listening to the blissful sound of steady rainfall, drinking tea and writing this. When do I write best? God knows. Sometimes it's an early morning thing and other days it's 1am or nothing at all. I think I like this new found atmosphere, I think this shall be my writing spot for now. My indecisive mind may grow tired of the atmosphere in due course but for now she is content.

During my 2 hours of watching creative inspiration something stood out. Beau Willimon, writer on the hit netflix drama House of Cards very accurately said "we are all professional thieves". Good writers steal from better writers and I will do just that because stealing from minds far greater than mine will enrich my work. It isn't plagiarism, it's creative thinking, it's collaboration. The creative world is all about inspiration, it's about pulling off branches from different trees to form the best kind of tree. One that blooms all year round and will never fall victim to the ravaging skies. My mind will only mature if I feed it well.

And on that thought I feed you with something far beyond well, I give you the words of Aaron Sorkin. Oh how I would love to steal a fraction of this man's mind.

This commencement speech inspires me each and every time I watch it. So I would like to share it with you because everyone should hear this wonderful mind at work.

In the words of Aaron Sorkin "Develop your own compass, and trust it. Take risks, dare to fail, remember the first person through the wall always gets hurt"


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