Thursday, 6 March 2014


It's amazing how happiness can come about. New shoes, a warm hug, a day off, new love... But my happiness today is career driven.

On this very fine Thursday a new street press has hit this city of mine and not only is this free magazine one fine looking thing but my words are in it! My first feature article is out there for the world to see "WORDS: Alicia Moo" it strikes a chord in my heart and brings a smile to my face - to see that in print has cemented all aspirations of being a writer. I was a little shocked at how much it made me smile, but I knew then that this was it for me, I would be a writer and there is no more questions after that.

It's our first issue ever so apologies for any small errors you may find lurking in and about but I'm sure you are going to love it as much as me and all the team behind it.

You'll find them in cafes all around the city and inner city suburbs - Newstead, Valley, New Farm etc etc. Keep an eye out for it, grab a copy and spread the word, Sartre is here to stay!

Be sure to see my story on page 32 and sit down with a good coffee as you flip your way through what in my books is definitely a labour of love and a publication Brisbane has been missing all these years.

We are hoping to get the next issue out in two months so get excited and feel free to stand on your soap box and promote like it was your last day on earth.


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