Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Month of despair

For the lucky ones February is the adoring month of love, for the singletons it's a devilish reminder of our current state of utter loneliness.

This Friday I'm making the wise decision to stay in. I'm going to block the world out. Florists can smile upon the heavens and couples can frolick in the parks, I will sit in my pyjamas under the covers with my bacon, watch a few oscar nominated movies (the heavy serious kind, no romance in sight), potentially be productive in building a career for myself and top it off by filling the emptiness of my heart with baking a dark chocolate cake. 

I'm currently at the hairdressers drastically changing my look because the month seemed appropriate and I have decided 2014 is going to be my year. 

So maybe no Prince Charming will present me with a dozen roses this Friday but I'm going to have my time and take charge of the life I've been dealt.

I'm tossing up career paths and getting through my 20s with some sort of gusto. 

Singles, a word of advice - relax this Friday, forget about the artificial day of showing off happiness and do whatever makes you shine.

And as I finish this entry Frozen's "let it go" has just started playing - what a fittingly confidently independent way to end. 


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