Thursday, 9 January 2014


So as promised the new year brings a new Alicia. So the tabs above have slightly changed and I am not committing myself to any such weekly posts because I would like to think I have the potential to be a free spirit.

The new tab "The Archives" is where you will find all my old "weekly" posts - Tasty Tuesday, Street Style Sunday and Fashion Friday but you'll also find the old foodie posts under the aptly named tab "Yummy".

I still have the subscribe tab even though I only ever sent out one e-newsletter but I'm still hoping I'll pull my socks up and get me into your inboxes (no sexual innuendo intended).

I'll also get around to changing my banner but I'm taking it slow in January so don't expect efficiency from the girl who prides herself on being efficient. I'll get back to my ingrained work ethic soon enough but for now, let me be on Fiji Time.

I hope you like the renovation and here's to 2014!


Bula Fiji

Every time I hop off a plane and place my feet firmly on new soil I know with every millimetre of my being that I'm going to learn something new.

My latest adventure saw me soaking up the sun on the picturesque shores of Fiji. This time around I felt like a right old tourist with my five resort living and booked tours, I was living a luxury I couldn't really afford.

It was my first real resort style, relax away your stress holiday and now that I have a taste of it I'm scared I can't go back to unhygienic misadventures. But here's the thing, no matter how you travel it will always broaden the mind.

The biggest lesson I learnt from my all too short time in this pacific paradise was that I live one damn blessed life, a life I probably don't deserve and one that I should never complain about. You see, the people of Fiji have very little yet they are the most kindest, loveliest of souls I have ever met. They smile through their eyes and they have a true sense of what is needed, of what is most important in a life worth living.

We had a waitress called Leah and she loved her humble job like nothing I've ever seen. She would make friends with the guests and she would go out of her way for great service, to make you feel special, she'd ask you questions, she'd talk of how Fijian's are very lucky people, all so nice, all so friendly, she had a beautiful singing voice and purity in every sense of the word.

Everyday I would come across new faces, new locals and each one all the same, bright, happy people who despite minimal wages and little education were more than happy with their lives. When someone asks you what are your dreams the answer is often outrageous, we want to be millionaires, constantly travel the world... But if you ask a Fijian what their dream is they gave me two common answers 1. I don't think of travel, my life is ok 2. I would love to go to Australia, you are very lucky indeed.

I felt terrible, why do I ask for so much, why do I complain about the little things #firstworldproblems is a serious issue I should stop fretting about. A deckhand on a boat out to a sandbar and gorgeous snorkeling said that in Australia you can work to pay for a holiday in Fiji you can't work to pay for a holiday. It's that simple, my life is Australia is actually paradise.

So that's the lesson learned. I also realised that resorts are filled with happy families and couples but oddly enough this time round, those two groups didn't really phase me. I was too caught up in the beauty of Fiji and its'people that the immense love I saw in parents and couples just added to the view.

So a few shades darker, a little sunburned and a little unhealthier (thanks very much breakfast buffet included)I've come home with a positive outlook. I'm still stressed for I don't really know what direction my boat is sailing, but it's still sailing and that's all that really matters. There's a saying in Fiji: "Fiji time" - which basically means take it easy, why rush anything, it will get done eventually.

Refreshed and ready for yet another bon voyage. Cruise liner here I come, let's see what you will teach me.