Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here's looking at the future

I seem to be running out of anecdotes and cliches for the amount of times I ruthlessly abandon this blog and you dear reader and this entry is most certainty no consolation prize.

Let's be honest since finishing uni and waiting for graduation day to arrive I haven't been doing all that much. Catching up on tv shows and movies, sitting around eating all the food in my reach and occasionally walking out the door in a somewhat acceptable manner to earn some cash, socialise and ensure my body gets a little sunlight.

I'm kinda loving it at the moment. Because it's true, right now, this piece of time in my life is the only time I will get this absolute freedom. I'm not going to go out and hurry to be another cog in the working machine. I know I need to be one eventually, but just for a few months let me be me.

So I have also come to the decision that I'm going to need to change this blog a bit because I've decided we have gone way too long with this whole three weekly posts a week trickery.

In the coming weeks I'll be updating this little morsel of the internet with a slightly different brand of Alicia Moo, but it will still be same old silly me.

I'm most likely going to get rid of the whole Tuesday, Friday, Sunday thing and just stick to random posts on any given day, because why organise and scrutinise when life should be lived day by day, moment by moment.

I'll also be writing about things outside of food and fashion and will be exploring the world of opinion pieces, frivolous nothings and the odd little rambling. So I hope you will join me on this always changing terrain that is me.

In other news:

creativedrinks.com.au is expanding its'audience and hopefully looking towards exciting things to come.

My current goal is to read more and potentially learn a language.

Buzzfeed is currently a fabulous source of joy for me.


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