Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hump Day Advice

Did I come running back to you Tuesday? Of course I didn't! I'm not one to come running back and I'm not one to please others (on occasion) so is my nature and so it always will be.

But I am still here a day late, so just deal.

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to dance with my kitchen of late but I will be in the coming days hurrah!

So I shall delight you with yet another thought of mine.

Do we work to live or live to work? I know, it's the age old question and one that is top of my list right now and I'm starting to swerve.

Maybe we are all working to just live, maybe no one is truly happy with their job. Maybe it is all a guise, we wear masks to make ourselves feel better, or for those around us to think we are living some sort of blessed life.

When I think about all of my most treasured memories they never involve work, let alone any kind of educational means.

They exist only of the simple pleasures.

Of laughing with friends, seeing Big Ben, the Great Wall and the vast great blue ocean, looking into your nephew's eyes and sitting down for a family meal.

It doesn't involve money or any sort of effort. It's just cheesy good old love.

So my hump day advice is simple:

Delight and jump into the small things, because in the end that's all that really matters. We have such a limited time in this world, why waste it worrying about what only stresses us and makes us apart of some great joke. We need not worry about making our mark on this world, why impress others when you can impress yourself with the only true thing you'll end up being happy about.

So be a little sentimental, slow down and take a page out of the cheesy book of old fashioned, simple, unwavering love.


Friday, 8 November 2013

I'm back!

I left you like a thief in the night but I have come back to you as Rose would to her Jack.

So I thought I would use this post as a little newsletter... Yes I use that word purposefully. Ok so weekly newsletters were never going to happen but I'm going to try and make them monthly starting from the New Years. So for now here's what I've been up to in my absence:

The main scenery of my life has been the four walls of my bedroom. As your classic uni student I lazed about my days until the realisation hit that I only had four weeks left to complete and start three assignments, one oral presentation and a report to hand in. Considering these would be my last ever assessments of my uni life I found it fitting my habits never changed.

In the wee hours of the morning I have still been getting my articles together for Creative Drinks and I have been depressingly starring at a blank screen in the hopes a graduate job will pop up.

I have discovered that I can't go an hour without procrastinating and that the internet is the closest relationship I have at the moment (no joke, I feel like google just gets me).

And lastly, little insignificant me has received an award! Say what!? Was my first and still is reaction. Best online journalist and finalist for the national student journalist awards, seriously I'm still in shock. Here's hoping this is the beginning of something bigger and better.

And now I am lazing about enjoying what little glorious nothings I have left before I attempt to make a respectable adult of myself. Television, movies, eating, attempting to excercise and Youtubing Tom Hiddleston... (That's another story I best not dwell on) 

Oh and of course getting excited for my tropical island getaways! Yup! For a week I'm saying goodbye Brisbane, hello sunny shores of Fiji and then blink twice and I'll be on a cruise with the extended family. Oh what adventures I shall tell.

I've missed this immensely and I promise I'll be back here Tuesday.