Tuesday, 10 September 2013

When it all goes wrong

I will be the first to admit most of my faults and I have my share.

I am also prone to crumbling under baking pressure.

It happened only a few days ago.

Baking for special occasions, friends and family places this invisible weight on my shoulders and suddenly I have to worry about a whole new factor. I call it pressure baking.

For some very silly reason I fall trap to this overwhelming need to please and to get it right and in all that concentration, I lose concentration. I fall victim to mistakes and suddenly a cake that I have tried and tested becomes a mess of great proportions.

When people don't understand how all those contestants on Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules etc can screw up a dish that they have been cooking since infancy I say to them - why don't you try it. It's because we want it to be perfect and life throws a curve ball at you and something that is second nature becomes a world of nightmarish failure.

But I know we can all work on it - so here's to not falling under the pressure, here's to taking it easy, it's what you love to do, so just do it, don't over think it, don't cry over spilt milk and pick yourself up and get back to those beaters.


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