Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TT: Ombre

For the past two weeks I have been over my head in cake batter and buttercream. The family kitchen has been reluctantly overtaken by my kitchenaid and copious amounts of butter and food dye.

This is the experimental ombre cake. I have succumbed to Pinterest, to instagram and to the world. It was time I attempted this aesthetically pleasing dessert. 

It isn't actually hard, it's a simple cake recipe topped with the added bonus of colour. I've now tried two entirely different recipes and take 2 trumps by far. 

First attempt I tried for a sponge recipe that included egg whites which in turn made for a rather delicate cake and thus working with four layers was not the most perfect outcome. 

I also used a raspberry cream cheese frosting which came out well but really overpowered the whole cake. But I did slave over the pretty decorative icing which took both patience and brain power. 

This first attempt took me several hours due to the simple fact I only had two cake tins. But I have now purchased 5 new tins - Christmas did indeed come early for me. 

And take 2 was indeed a ginormous success. 

I am a slave to cooking shows and The Great Australian Bakeoff is obviously no exception. 
So naturally was forced to try Monique's one step above the rest ombre cake. This baby actually has 5 different flavours! So it seriously is a wonder of a cake, both to make and to eat. 

Rosewater, vanilla, orange, lemon and coconut surrounded by a delicately beautiful Swiss Meringue buttercream. I've never made buttercream with egg whites before, but it has now become my favourite icing, especially for my non sweet tooth family. 

So here they are and I will see you lovelies as soon as I possibly can.



In Creative Drinks news: check it out, we've got a new website!!! And on a personal touting level, my Ekka cake article got tweeted by the Ekka itself! This baby was slightly too excited for 140 characters or less, but I'm taking whatever I can get. 


  1. yummmmmm salivating right now!! and yay for the re-tweet!! miss you my asian sistahhh! xxx