Wednesday, 7 August 2013

TT: Mini Cupcakes

I love the petite world - the freedom to dazzle in small proportions and delight in tiny yet quality dreams.

These are some little vanilla pink cupcakes I made for my cousins birthday.

It almost seems mandatory for little girls to obsess over pink and cuteness simply comes naturally so mini cupcakes is ultimately the one and only perfect way to celebrate.

I've got a few things on the run at the moment. I've been super busy with my internship and uni has yet again begun (for the very last time in my life!)
So forgive me if you do not see me 2 times a week, every week.

But make sure you catch, like, borrow and preach to the choir all of my weekly articles at I'm having a blast and it's helping me get to know what I want to do for the rest of my life (still very much in the dark though).

I know I totally didn't get that Kate Middleton blog post up, time has slipped through my fingers. But it's obviously too late for that now.

In the meantime please go and tell anyone who will listen about this little blog and hopefully my words don't go to waste.


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