Sunday, 14 July 2013


It's getting old, I'm not consistent and you shall all have to accept that for now.

I have spent the last few hours trying to make this site pretty (again) and I have been thinking about this for a while now and so it has been done.

I have indeed dropped the name Papilio and I am now solely Alicia Moo.

Yes, yes, I have followed in the footsteps of many before me and I have shamefully decided my name is all the world shall know.

It is after all the one and only thing that belongs to you and a name is your identity in itself, so why not advertise it.

I hope you like it and I will most certainly see you on Tuesday.

In other news:

My life has been a little of the same old green grass - there is really not that much to complain about, my tv viewing is fantastic, my internship - a blast, my time cooking has been somewhat extended and my ability to spend cash on food and fashion is indeed still very much an issue.

Kisses and well wishes.


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