Wednesday, 19 June 2013

TT: Blueberry Bundles

Sorry this is a day late, was engrossed in the beauty that was the socceroos - we are going to the World Cup!

What's a girl to do but eat blueberries all day!

The berry family lures me in with their good looks and sweetness so put it together with a cake and you've got yourself a pretty little bundle of joy.

These are my blueberry cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting - my absolute favourite! Not too sweet and always a crowd pleaser.

These were delicious straight out of the oven but served cold worked just as well.

In other news, I have just started an internship with Margin Media for Creative Drinks - please check out the website, get reading, get networking and jump on board.

It's a really amazing, creative team with funky offices and a brilliant mission on their shoulders.

It's young and raring to make a difference - hope you can join me on this adventure.

I'll be writing about my foodie adventures there so hey presto - you get to read more of my words of "wisdom".

Ciao for now and fingers crossed I'll see you Friday.


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