Friday, 28 June 2013

FF: Suits!

Yes, by now we all know my obsession with suits and guess what?

I have finally got round to watching Suits the tv legal drama and oh dear lord, Mr Harvey Specter takes suits to a whole new level.

He exclusively wears Tom Ford suits that are in the eye-popping ball park of $10,000!

It's so refreshing seeing a classically handsome man don beautifully tailored timeless and powerful suits.

Men - take a note or two out of Mr Specter's style books please!

I don't have the words to describe what goes on in my mind and soul when I see this man on my tv screen.

The character of Mike Ross is also pretty damn attractive, especially cosidering he is a genius and all. And I do rather admire his atire as well - it's just a little more metro, skinny ties and all that sartorial jazz.

So I shall let the image do the talking.

So sorry this is so short, I've been swamped in the general business of life.

See you Tuesday.


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