Tuesday, 21 May 2013

TT: Rather Appropriate Eurovision Eating

If you do not watch Eurovision, put simply - you haven't experienced the total joy life holds.

It's a European extravaganza of the wacky, wonderful and downright weird. It's sensory overload and it's trashy at times, catchy almost all the time and beautifully magical from start to finish.

We travelled to wonderful Sweden this year, the home of the flat pack furniture and apparently the home of milk. Watch the final to see what I mean.

This year we saw Dracula "singing", Finnish girls lesbian kissing and a genuine giant named Igor (actually named Igor).

You have your typical hot European women and your mandatory ridiculously good looking European men, throw in some light up instruments and a lot of smoke machine and you've got 100% entertainment.

So naturally as we got on our European, ate our Swedish meatballs and then I thought it was only right to end the meal with a nod to the mother country.

England is notorious for not doing well at Eurovision so I figured I best bake something to make them feel a little better.

Here's my bread and butter pudding - perfect for a cold winter's night.This cheap, make-to-basics and comforting dessert is quintessentially English, it's a warm hug, an elixir for the soul and simply my cup of tea.

Top with some melted marmalade at the end to give it that wonderful hint of zesty sweetness.

See you kiddies Friday!


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