Friday, 31 May 2013

FF: Not so Nasty Nicole

People do surprise you sometimes and dear old Nicole has definitely done just that at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Every red carpet gown has left me almost speechless. See very often I find her style paint dryingly boring but this time round some magical stylist got their talented hands all over what is usually drib drab!

She graces The Great Gatsby carpet with this neon highlighted number that I would happily sell a kidney for.

There was even this little black number that looks like it should be under the word "timeless" in the dictionary. Also, I'm quite the sucker for the classic innocent ribbon in the hair - it reminds me of childhood, little girls running around whilst the ribbons of their plaits flow freely behind them. Ribbons are simply a thing of beauty!

In typical style, the Aussie love birds had to make an appearance and this patterned Scott L'Wren gown did the trick. Love the little jewel in her hair to finish off a simple yet elegant look. But a word to the happy couple - PDA's on red carpets? Not the right place my dear celebs, not the right place!

Then of course this controversial Valentino 'recycled' dress - which I am completely ignoring all rumours as clearly he wouldn't do such a blasphemous thing!

And the latest is absolute bliss is this little silver screen do. White dresses always scare me but when it's right it's perfectly spectacular. Oh Mr Armani pretty please could you make me a dress?

She's also been rocking several sleek hairstyles all come complete with a 'no boring' label. Nicole I commend you, no droll blonde, or slightly revolting it's positively demure Kidman all the way.

PS: Remember that challenge I have myself... well I might have broken it - but only slighty! I haven't bought anything YAY!!! BUT I have browsed, I have indeed opened all those emails and I have clicked next page on sale items :(
Well all things considered I didn't do alright didn't I?

Tuesday is just around the corner and hopefully I shall have something for you ;)


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