Friday, 17 May 2013

FF: I blame online shopping

For my currently atrocious shopaholic status.

Online shopping has brought a whole new threat to my savings account. Everyday I get an average of 10 emails from numerous online shopping sites and recently I have refused to open them. This is my attempt at being frugal. I shall ignore their presence and hence stop myself from inevitably buying that 50% off dress.

But, here's the problem. It is currently crunch time at uni. Assignments are trampling all over my poor bones and procrastination comes in the handy form of online shopping.

ASOS! I hate the person that created you! I would have been perfectly happy if you didn't exist. Imagine it then, so much time gone into scrolling through pages and pages of your lovely items of clothing could have happily been spent in other more productive means. Alas, you exist and I blame thee for everything.

It's not just ASOS! It's ModCloth, it's Ebay, it's Ozsale, it's Net-A-Porter, it's Anthropologie!

I should put some sort of firewall on all sites that could possibly take away my money. That would include things like Book Depository, Amazon and god knows what else.

It's a jungle of trouble that I can't seem to resist. It pulls me in with its' never ending charm and it calls for me with its' thousands of emails. Even when I don't open them I can't ignore the subject line: 80% off all dresses!!!!

So I'm proposing a challenge. No internet shopping for the next three weeks. I know, that seems awfully short and I do go three weeks very easily without purchasing anything. But I'm talking proper ban. I mean absolutely no browsing. I can't visit the site, I can't read the emails, I can't know of the sales.

I've said it and recently I've been sticking to my word.

Wish me luck and see you on Tuesday.

Apologies for no foodie treats for the last two weeks. I have not found a minute free to play around with my oven. It is making me terribly sad and thus I have made it my one goal this weekend to bake you something spectacular!


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