Friday, 3 May 2013

FF: 1920s!

That's all I have to say really. the 1920s really were something special.

Glamour and divinity. It's a little decade of jewels and frivolity, of living life on the edge, of underground scenes and spectacular decadence. The flapper was indeed a stunner of a dress. The boys of the time danced amongst the best and finest of style and the youth were singing praises and acting like they ruled the world. Why couldn't I live in a world of such elegance and class, bring back the life of Mr Gatsby I say, let's throw out the rule books and live in fiction. O if only wishes could come true.

But what a decade, what a celebration. I'm feeling all 1920s because it's Great Gatsby time!!! Fan girl screaming! Baz Luhrmann movies make my heart skip a beat, they titillate the senses and play with my emotional mind. Plus this time round he's cast two very beautiful actors - girl crush Carey Mulligan and timelessly dapper, Leo Di Caprio.

Oooo I just cannot wait!

The jewellery in the film is all by the one and only Tiffany&Co and the costumes - well I just want to dive in and swim amongst all those sequins, head dresses and tailored waistcoats.

Sadly, I still have to wait another three weeks till I can appreciate it's beauty on the big screen. Til then, I shall feed my curiosity with google images and 1920s dreams.


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