Friday, 31 May 2013

FF: Not so Nasty Nicole

People do surprise you sometimes and dear old Nicole has definitely done just that at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Every red carpet gown has left me almost speechless. See very often I find her style paint dryingly boring but this time round some magical stylist got their talented hands all over what is usually drib drab!

She graces The Great Gatsby carpet with this neon highlighted number that I would happily sell a kidney for.

There was even this little black number that looks like it should be under the word "timeless" in the dictionary. Also, I'm quite the sucker for the classic innocent ribbon in the hair - it reminds me of childhood, little girls running around whilst the ribbons of their plaits flow freely behind them. Ribbons are simply a thing of beauty!

In typical style, the Aussie love birds had to make an appearance and this patterned Scott L'Wren gown did the trick. Love the little jewel in her hair to finish off a simple yet elegant look. But a word to the happy couple - PDA's on red carpets? Not the right place my dear celebs, not the right place!

Then of course this controversial Valentino 'recycled' dress - which I am completely ignoring all rumours as clearly he wouldn't do such a blasphemous thing!

And the latest is absolute bliss is this little silver screen do. White dresses always scare me but when it's right it's perfectly spectacular. Oh Mr Armani pretty please could you make me a dress?

She's also been rocking several sleek hairstyles all come complete with a 'no boring' label. Nicole I commend you, no droll blonde, or slightly revolting it's positively demure Kidman all the way.

PS: Remember that challenge I have myself... well I might have broken it - but only slighty! I haven't bought anything YAY!!! BUT I have browsed, I have indeed opened all those emails and I have clicked next page on sale items :(
Well all things considered I didn't do alright didn't I?

Tuesday is just around the corner and hopefully I shall have something for you ;)


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TT: Melting Moments

No, not the soppy kind. The delicious kind!!!

I love melting moments. They are such a perfectly morish little bundle of joy.

My mum adores them, which is a miracle considering every second sentence is either in form a complaint or criticism. (PS, Love you mum).

It's a shortbread but sweeter! This time I added a little lemon to my buttercream because what's life without a little zest. Don't overcook these, they should just be turning a light golden brown on the base and they are ready to gulp down!

Serve straight away with a good old cup of tea on a sunny afternoon.

And yes, I would like to remind you all that procrasti-baking is indeed a dreadful form of procrastination for which I am wholly guilty of.

See you Friday!

Friday, 24 May 2013

FF: Challenge Accepted

Thus far my online shopping ban has been a total success!!!

I have not opened a single email - a simple select and delete!

It has been amazingly satisfying.

I grant you, I still cannot avoid a good old window shopping in the stores - I did not meaningfully go out to the city for shopping, it is just a necessity to get to uni.

I shall continue to keep you posted on my little personal challenge.

Sorry this is probably the world's shortest blog entry but due to this ban I haven't really read a lot or seen a lot of fashion. Tis a sad world indeed.

Covered in assignments galore, which I am still putting off.

Well it is a Friday night after all.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

TT: Rather Appropriate Eurovision Eating

If you do not watch Eurovision, put simply - you haven't experienced the total joy life holds.

It's a European extravaganza of the wacky, wonderful and downright weird. It's sensory overload and it's trashy at times, catchy almost all the time and beautifully magical from start to finish.

We travelled to wonderful Sweden this year, the home of the flat pack furniture and apparently the home of milk. Watch the final to see what I mean.

This year we saw Dracula "singing", Finnish girls lesbian kissing and a genuine giant named Igor (actually named Igor).

You have your typical hot European women and your mandatory ridiculously good looking European men, throw in some light up instruments and a lot of smoke machine and you've got 100% entertainment.

So naturally as we got on our European, ate our Swedish meatballs and then I thought it was only right to end the meal with a nod to the mother country.

England is notorious for not doing well at Eurovision so I figured I best bake something to make them feel a little better.

Here's my bread and butter pudding - perfect for a cold winter's night.This cheap, make-to-basics and comforting dessert is quintessentially English, it's a warm hug, an elixir for the soul and simply my cup of tea.

Top with some melted marmalade at the end to give it that wonderful hint of zesty sweetness.

See you kiddies Friday!


Friday, 17 May 2013

FF: I blame online shopping

For my currently atrocious shopaholic status.

Online shopping has brought a whole new threat to my savings account. Everyday I get an average of 10 emails from numerous online shopping sites and recently I have refused to open them. This is my attempt at being frugal. I shall ignore their presence and hence stop myself from inevitably buying that 50% off dress.

But, here's the problem. It is currently crunch time at uni. Assignments are trampling all over my poor bones and procrastination comes in the handy form of online shopping.

ASOS! I hate the person that created you! I would have been perfectly happy if you didn't exist. Imagine it then, so much time gone into scrolling through pages and pages of your lovely items of clothing could have happily been spent in other more productive means. Alas, you exist and I blame thee for everything.

It's not just ASOS! It's ModCloth, it's Ebay, it's Ozsale, it's Net-A-Porter, it's Anthropologie!

I should put some sort of firewall on all sites that could possibly take away my money. That would include things like Book Depository, Amazon and god knows what else.

It's a jungle of trouble that I can't seem to resist. It pulls me in with its' never ending charm and it calls for me with its' thousands of emails. Even when I don't open them I can't ignore the subject line: 80% off all dresses!!!!

So I'm proposing a challenge. No internet shopping for the next three weeks. I know, that seems awfully short and I do go three weeks very easily without purchasing anything. But I'm talking proper ban. I mean absolutely no browsing. I can't visit the site, I can't read the emails, I can't know of the sales.

I've said it and recently I've been sticking to my word.

Wish me luck and see you on Tuesday.

Apologies for no foodie treats for the last two weeks. I have not found a minute free to play around with my oven. It is making me terribly sad and thus I have made it my one goal this weekend to bake you something spectacular!


Friday, 10 May 2013

FF: Meet me at the Met

It's that time of year again. The I-am-so-disgustingly-jealous-and-want-to-go-so-bad to event of the social calendar. It is the one and only Met Gala!

Ahhhhh sooooo much to say! Celebrities really go all out for this massively elegant affair.

This year the theme was PUNK! And just like every themed party there are always those who rock up just as they always look, it is a gigantic shame and in my books a complete and utter no no no!

So these are my, somewhat surprising picks of the night.

SJP! You are almost never in my best dressed list. But you read 'Punk' and you went there, big time! I say thank you Mrs Parker, you nailed it!

Boldly sporting yet another new hair-do, Anne Hathaway for once did not play Miss safe. Loving it head-to-toe.

Oh Gisele how you flaunt your perfect body and make me want to stuff my face in a 2L tub of ice-cream. Love the attitude in this photo and all that gold chain work.

Jennifer Lawrence looked the pretty punk picture in this Dior number. Taking 'Punk Couture' rather literally.

This is the night where you take it to the next level, where you crank up the volume and you forget simply subtle even exists.

So maybe one day I might say "meet me at the Met"


Friday, 3 May 2013

FF: 1920s!

That's all I have to say really. the 1920s really were something special.

Glamour and divinity. It's a little decade of jewels and frivolity, of living life on the edge, of underground scenes and spectacular decadence. The flapper was indeed a stunner of a dress. The boys of the time danced amongst the best and finest of style and the youth were singing praises and acting like they ruled the world. Why couldn't I live in a world of such elegance and class, bring back the life of Mr Gatsby I say, let's throw out the rule books and live in fiction. O if only wishes could come true.

But what a decade, what a celebration. I'm feeling all 1920s because it's Great Gatsby time!!! Fan girl screaming! Baz Luhrmann movies make my heart skip a beat, they titillate the senses and play with my emotional mind. Plus this time round he's cast two very beautiful actors - girl crush Carey Mulligan and timelessly dapper, Leo Di Caprio.

Oooo I just cannot wait!

The jewellery in the film is all by the one and only Tiffany&Co and the costumes - well I just want to dive in and swim amongst all those sequins, head dresses and tailored waistcoats.

Sadly, I still have to wait another three weeks till I can appreciate it's beauty on the big screen. Til then, I shall feed my curiosity with google images and 1920s dreams.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TT: Sticy Rice!

Last weekend marked the first (and definitely not the last) of days where I tried my hand at a rather tricky business.

Jun! It holds a very special place in my heart. It warms the cockles of my stomach and it brings joy to my humble household.

It's basically sticky rice with a delicious filing of meat, mushroom, peanuts and just a whole bundle of yum wrapped rather beautifully in bamboo leaves ready for cooking.

Soooo this is what I discovered - I am far from a natural when it comes to wrapping these parcels. I'd wrap and wrap and grain by grain the rice just kept falling out.

So if in honest my mum was the sole owner of these. But next time I shall try and try again. Essentially it is suppose to look like a beautiful little pyramid so imagine the difficulties involved.

Here are some images (sorry for the poor quality)

Also I have uber exciting news! Someone has accepted my work!!! Please check out it's a very brand new online zine that's got gen y splashed all over it. Hope you love it, well, I'm telling you to love it because they loved a bit of me.