Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TT: Sticy Rice!

Last weekend marked the first (and definitely not the last) of days where I tried my hand at a rather tricky business.

Jun! It holds a very special place in my heart. It warms the cockles of my stomach and it brings joy to my humble household.

It's basically sticky rice with a delicious filing of meat, mushroom, peanuts and just a whole bundle of yum wrapped rather beautifully in bamboo leaves ready for cooking.

Soooo this is what I discovered - I am far from a natural when it comes to wrapping these parcels. I'd wrap and wrap and grain by grain the rice just kept falling out.

So if in honest my mum was the sole owner of these. But next time I shall try and try again. Essentially it is suppose to look like a beautiful little pyramid so imagine the difficulties involved.

Here are some images (sorry for the poor quality)

Also I have uber exciting news! Someone has accepted my work!!! Please check out it's a very brand new online zine that's got gen y splashed all over it. Hope you love it, well, I'm telling you to love it because they loved a bit of me.


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