Tuesday, 9 April 2013

TT: Morishable Melbourne

I forgot how much I love Melbourne. It's such a contrast to home. It's big, bold, colourful and always alive with light, music and buckets full of quirk.

This little Melbourne jaunt had a slightly different flavour than my last. Traveling with a 1 year old is not exactly your typical holiday. It's an adventure that requires more than your usual full tank of energy. Boost that up to premium fuel asap! It's an interesting experience and one that must be hell and a half for parents all around.

He's an adorable little fella though and boy did he get his hipster on. So onto the main affair of my travels. Food and fashion! They are indeed the two main reasons people go to Melbourne.

So off I headed to spend my dwindling money on clothes I do not need and food my stomach could live without. I would have to say the two highlights of my foodie adventures was dinner at Mamasitas and Chin Chin.

Lets talk Mexican first. Oh Mamasitas! If you are a fan of Aussie Masterchef you would have heard all about this swanky joint. Think mini fancy nachos, fish tacos, shot glass ceviche and all together finger licking goodness. It is a mist when visiting bit beware all such deliciousness come with a price - both for your wallet and for your patience. This place is off the hook so all of Melbourne are there for a bite. Head there at 5pm. Any later and your poor feet are gonna be lining up for what seems like an eternity. (No reservations excepted)

Next up posh Asian. Chin Chin is currently the hip new place right in the heart if Melbourne city. I just wanted to order everything in the menu. Again, a great place for sharing dishes and flavour bomb combinations. It's all about south east Asia and its all rather authentic and so cleverly presented. The atmosphere is engulfing. Once again be prepared to wait for a table.

Also had some fantastic corn down some so hipster it hurts alley. Some amazing breakfast (as always) and a lot of coffee!

I might post some other photos up later in the week so for now this will have to do: My one year old nephew feeling right at home in the land of hipsters.

And here's my tips for a good time in Melbourne:

Don't stress, all those young people strolling the streets in big frame glasses, crazy hair and who seem as though they are living in the 90s - yes they are everywhere but they are harmless local resident known as hipsters.

Get involved in the culture - there's sure to always be something happening. Theatre, comedy, dance, markets, foodie events - do some research and get out there. I was lucky enough to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the musical and Josh Thomas as part of the comedy festival.

Shop shop shop! There are endless shops everywhere. Don't just stick to Bourke street - explore the lane ways - and not just the main ones - venture down the alleys you never know what you might discover. Also head out of the city - Fitzroy is a beautiful suburb not just for its Cafes but for its quaint shops and individual flair.

You will love the men of Melbourne. Venture out Monday to Friday for some great suit scenery. Coming from laid back brisbane I don't get spoilt with men in tailored suits. So it is a very nice change. Thank you men of a Melbourne. Also, absolutely loving the popularity of the navy blue suit.

Also note Melbournites mustn't be morning people. Shops open around 1030 - 11am and be careful on weekends as a lot of cafes within the cbd aren't open.

So that's my Melbourne plug and I'm back, all ready to reluctantly stick my head into uni assessment.

Sorry I don't have many photos... The family vacation leaves little time for street style snaps.

Don't worry Melbourne - you definitely haven't seen the last of me!

Can't wait for my next adventure! Where? Anywhere!


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