Thursday, 18 April 2013

TT: Malaysian Flavours

My mum is of Malaysian heritage which is super lucky for me cause it means I get to sample delicious flavours of the South East.

This is my mum's delicious laksa - she is by far not the cook in our house... that's no offense to her, she would say the same. She isn't the biggest fan of cooking - she turns the kitchen into a war zone and she takes double the time before the plate arrives on the table but it is totally worth it! When my mum cooks, she cooks. She might not be a regular visitor but she's a class act when she does show up!

I love my mums style of laksa. It's not what you get in restaurants - think less creamy coconut, more spice, freshness and a lot more goodies! It's even better the next day, or the day after that - just like a good curry, all those delicious flavours mature with time and hey presto, you've got yourself punchy attitude and a whole lotta love.


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