Friday, 26 April 2013

FF: A Step Back in Time

We all love a good old reminiscing session and I'm probably the Queen of reminiscing.

Remember the 90s? Oh what a fashion mistake of a decade it was. I don't like advertising that I'm a 90s kid - it was a horribly distasteful period to grow up in.

A time of baggy faded jeans, floral bike shorts, t-shirts that hung two sizes too big, well everything that was too big, bum bags, those other leathery mixed between a backpack and a handbag bag - What. Was. That? And hair that to this day I will not understand.

Remember all those boy bands? I was no exception - I hung them all over my bedroom walls. Remember when scrunchies where in? Those horrible bits of cheap looking fabric that could come in all shapes and sizes - how I shudder at the thought. I begged my mum for a new one each day! I can safely say that tasteless collection is long gone.

Yes, it was an interesting time. It was a mistake for the world of fashion - not even an iconic one. We might look back and cringe at the 80s but at the same time we look back on it with fondness. Although outrageous and grotesque - it was, for lack of a better word, iconic. Fashion was emerging, taking new heights, being bold. With the introduction of shoulder pads, colours of highlighter scale and leg warmers to boot fashion was everywhere, people were trending all kinds of new looks. So although you would never catch me dead in an 80s inspired outfit (a part from your themed party) it was a decade of exciting change, of memorable moments. Whereas the 90s was just 10 years of limbo, 10 years of plain rubbish.

Remnants of the 90s is still lurking about our streets - it's the inspiration for this whole subset of people, this group we call hipsters. "It's ironic" they all say. Like I always say, style is personal and fashion is a way of expressing. Let them re-live the days of the Backstreet Boys, let them pretend messed up side pony tails are cool.
But it's bye, bye, bye to the 90s for yours truly.

And just for kicks (yours only) here's a little step back in time...

Looks like I always wanted to play dress up!

So in the words of the 90s girl band, B-Witched

"Say you're true, say to me c'est la vie"


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