Friday, 19 April 2013

FF: MTV Red Carpet

Hair down, drinks all round and party dress on! It's the MTV movie awards.

Rebel Wilson did indeed bring down under to the world of stars. Some jokes fell short but hosting any kind of award show is a tough act and Rebel I think it's safe to say you tried your hardest and you embraced the Ozzie.

Quvenzhane Wallis. She's just 9 years of age and she's got a personality that's off the charts. Gotta love the age appropriate attire - dayam! she got swag!

Zoe Saldana. You are one fine woman and just loving this look. It's a little ode to the 90s, but it's all so slimming, boho-esque lovin.

Emma Watson I have a terrible girl crush on you, it's debilitating at times. Why must you exude class and friendliness, be my friend!!!! This dress was typical Miss Watson style, but I just want to be engulfed by that cuteness, that smile, that all together sweet English rose. She's also dating an American student from Brown - she really is trying to be the everyday girl that occasionally stars in movies.

Best boys of the night - Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne (no surprises on their nationality...) These English gents looked the business. One super dapper in a navy blue suit and the other pulling off that bad boy leather jacket like nobodies business.

Kisses till Tuesday (hopefully) - uni is not being kind to me this semester.


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