Tuesday, 26 March 2013

TT: Creamy Goodness

It's sure to be a crowd pleaser and it is most certainly a favourite amongst professional chefs. It's the age old Italian dessert - the panna cotta.

That wonderful simple little number that oozes elegance and feelings of comfort and silky textures. I have been craving this gem for some time now as Masterchef professionals had some sort of blatant obsession with them. And of course to save hassle and more importantly to get brownie points with stunning presentation - serve panna cotta in a glass! No more stressing of "oh dear lord will it turn out ok, will it wobble just right, will it survive!!!" It's such a great prepared earlier kinda dessert - think dinner parties, time poor lives and easy but impressive cooking.

Sometimes nothing beats simplicity, and Italians know precisely how to make simplicity incandescently beautiful.

So here is my simple yet timelessly delicious vanilla bean panna cotta topped with fresh berries!

Ciao till Friday.


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