Sunday, 24 March 2013

SS: The Underground

So my absence this time round might be a record. Well at least I'm consistent at that. Anyway so last Friday night I went to one pretty awesome shin dig.

I planned it out rather well - here's a funky night out and an opportunity to get assessment out of the way. Yeah, who knew you could have a good time while assignmenting. So as you all know I'm a third year journalism student and writing is my apparent game. So Friday night I set out to fake my way through professional cool.

This isn't my usual scene. I'm more the brunch, shopping, high tea, picnic in the park, drinks on the lawn kinda gal but there's always been a little part of me that loves the underground scene. I went, and I discovered that I don't quite fit in but I do very much love the atmosphere and different things will always hold some value.

So where did I go? 2 pars in and I haven't even explained the event - well done me. So I delved into the world of RAW: natural born artists. A organisation that aims to celebrate art of all forms and to promote young up and coming artists in photography, art, music, film, make-up, fashion you name it they were there. So naturally, the crowd is hipster to the chore, super stylish, creative types. So there I was stepping into a world entirely not my own, a world that didn't feel like drawl old Brisbane, more like Brooklyn, or something you would see in HBO's Girls. There were fashion shows, burlesque, waffles and an endless amount of character and young talent.

I met a whole bunch of amazing new talent and caught up with some old friends.

So enough of the ABC's, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Some of the art on display:

The artists Stacey with her Alice in Wonderland inspired work

My friend Olivia and her delicious photography work

How amazing is this chick's style!

My friend rocking the hipster vibe

Feathers anyone?

Fabulous wedges

Showcasing young fashion designers

I had bucket loads of fun and I'm super happy for all the artists involved. Check out RAW here. Also a shout out to some of the artists and a small plug for these wonderfully talented people: Liv Photography, Yellowbee Illustrations and Stacey Maree.

See you Tuesday - promise!


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