Friday, 29 March 2013

FF: It's a clothes avalanche

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Now, on to today's post.

Oh my, I'm running out of space and I might just start an avalanche.

I have too many clothes. Phew! That was a weight off the shoulders. I admit, I probably own more dresses than my income should suggest and yes, I probably have not worn a good 40% of them in recent times. It's starting to cause some issues.

Firstly, my washing pile becomes Mt Everest, ironing becomes much more than a chore, dry cleaning is proving way too costly for this student and most importantly my wardrobes are too full. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I did indeed say wardrobeS.

You see as my siblings slowly leave the nest I remain. Less people in the house equals more empty rooms, equals more free wardrobes. But alas it seems Carrie Bradshaw was right - the biggest wardrobe is indeed a girl's best friend. You know what I would kill to have? An entire floor dedicated to my wardrobe. Yep. In other words I would ultimately want to have a level that looks more like a clothing store except everything inside it belongs to me!

My poor clothes. I slide open that door and there they are, shoulder to shoulder, without any room to breathe, they can't sing, they can't dance, they cannot shine. I've read all about it, I know how important a neat wardrobe is not just for aesthetic means, but because it aids you in your style choices, it recommends what you should wear, it paints you a clear picture. Right now, it is far from clear. It is in shambles. It is probably as neat as I can make it but lack of space has hindered this most excruciatingly.

I've proposed an idea. Knock out the wall between the two spare rooms and create one big fat space just for my clothes.

Oh, laugh as much as you so desire, this girl is dead serious. Imagine it, I might never leave my parents house if that day came. (and you all know how much I need to leave this place) But present me with something as enticing as 10 metres of blissful hanging space and I might just become the 35 year old woman still living at home.

Well that's it for Friday. I'm off to Melbourne next week so I warn you in advance that I shall not be present for the week but should very well return come April 12th.

In the mean time a hearty good day to you and let's all keep those wardrobes at ease.


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