Friday, 15 February 2013

FF: Class and Sound

Awards season just keeps on going and this girl is just smiling at the world because of it.

So the BAFTAs and the Grammys. They are fabulous nights that I just wish I could experience first hand (yes I know I'm very much dreaming)

Here's my summary:

BAFTAs.. more like the Stephen Fry Show. Splash him on anything and he'll make a success out of it. Just love the intelligence and class he brings to everything.

Dame Helen Mirren - now this is a lady that ages more than gracefully. Pink hair? why not! She never seems to do wrong and I simply pray I grow old just as she has.

Marion Cotillard - the French beauty. Loved the splash of colour amongst the horrid English weather. It's one of those dresses you stare at for longer than usual because the cut is so divinely different.

Hayley Atwell. A contender for an English Rose. This is a stunningly classic look.

I know I've been lurking a lot in Clooney town recently but look at him who wouldn't want to be a resident there! I just loved the top coat amongst the red carpet slate weathered London. And I hate to admit it but Ben Affleck is sporting a certain something something recently and I must commend him on his passion for the art of film making.

No No No Elizabeth Olsen what is this? You are young, up and coming and pretty. Don't hide in this frumpy number.

MUSIC TIME!!! I love the world of music. I often sit and think there would be no point living if these wonderful people didn't have the talent of making music. Music cures the soul and frees the heart.

Taylor Swift - damn I hate her perfectly framed life. I'm not going to lie though, I miss her innocent country care free curls. Bring them back Taylor!

Kimbra - well I'm not going to be donning anything like that any time soon and yet I look at her and go yes Kimbra you wear that shiny tulle framed, golden dress you work it! Why? Because for some reason this society excepts the wacky, especially if they are musicians and I embrace it! And also a massive congrats to Gotye! Bring it home for Oz! And his speech - now that's moving, that's the magic of music.

Damn Rihanna and her rocking bod and striking features, you shouldn't be able to sing as well!

Kelly Rowland - Bringing it back baby! I love this black number. And those bangs! Kelly you looking bootylicious.

Angel Adele knows how to dress her body. This cute red lace number set fire to the rain.

And just because his music is currently my God here is the wonderful Ed Sheeran.

See you all Tuesday. (figuratively speaking)


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