Friday, 22 February 2013

FF: Oscar Buzz

Oscar Oscar read all about it! Ooo delicious goodness of Hollywood glamour. The indulgent appeal of seeing stars walk the red carpet, best and worst dress, the speeches, the songs, the mistakes and the always amusing cue exit music.

So as we are but a few steps away from the wonderful night that is let us take a look back at some of the highlights of past Academy Awards.

Audrey Hepburn! It would be blasphemy if I didn't talk about this angel first. So innocent and so elegant. Her speech is full of happiness and young hope. Oh the 1950s how wonderful a decade you were. This dress was not just a pretty little thing it spawned a legend both for Audrey and for the great Hubert de Givenchy and their legendary friendship that would follow.

Julia Roberts. It was a triumphant move to filter through the back catalogue and adorn the red carpet in this magical vintage Valentino.

Cate Blanchett. You know me and colour - can't get enough of the stuff and I'm getting sick of the multitudes of beige that seem to be on every actress. In 2005 Cate looked like a radiant beam of light as she graced the 77th Academy Awards in this number. The contrasting burgundy sash just the icing on top of the perfect cake. And what a beautiful number to win best supporting actress for The Aviator. Valentino you did it again!

Michelle Williams. We all know I'm a fan of her style and this has to be one of my all time favourite dresses. Just look at her. It just feels right, as if the dress only came about because of her. And here was a time the great and late Heath Ledger graced the world of Hollywood. Couldn't resist this adorable snap.

We all remember those wonderful speeches - some because of their humour, others because of their elated happiness, while many actors use their talent to raise political issues, world problems and support for a cause. We all remember the young Ben Affleck and Matt Damon full of gun hoe enthusiasm and adrenalin, the emotional Gwyneth Paltrow in pink Ralph Lauren, the spontaneous kiss between Adrien Brody and Halle Berry.

And of course a nostalgic look at the Oscars cannot go without mentioning these wacky number...

Bjork adorned in a swan...

and Cher. Well, being Cher...

Catch you on Tuesday where it will be tasty!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

TT: What's left behind

A very not sincere sorry for this is not a Tasty Tuesday. It's not a sincere apology as I was never going to bake when I have but this one week of freedom left till the dreaded study begins yet again. Add some overcast weather and you've got this girl under the sheets watching a good old movie.

But I have not forgotten you all just yet. So I delight today with words of memory...

My great Aunt past away just under a year ago and it was a parting many of my large family deeply felt. She was the aunt, that aunt. The aunty who lived her life a singular being, but definitely not alone. She had more nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews than one could only dream of. She went to places far and wide, she contributed to her local community and her city and she loved a good laugh. She lived a fulfilling life and she should be proud of what she left behind.

Being apart of what happens after someone parts this world was wholly new to me. I didn't realise how much is left behind, how many loose ends to complete, how many errands, how long it goes on for. It's a lot for someone to bear. She lived alone and she was (in no offensive terms) a hoarder. So naturally the clean up was more than a simple task. Come the new year and only now the job is done. All that time sifting through rubbish, dust and the odd gem. It got me thinking, why do we keep things? What's the point of it all. I've got it. I keep things because I reminisce, because I believe in sentimental value. So must have my dear old aunt. But then I look at the aftermath and all those objects that might have meant something to you mean nothing to those left. We had a big day where all the family congregated to lend a hand. Uncles and Aunts, Cousins and second cousins they were all there. An extended family gathering for one individual. Everyone had their stories, everyone discovered an item and remembered what it meant to them. It's funny what death does to people. It's strange how it can bring people together or tear them a part.

When someone passes you will always remember certain memories, you will sit in an empty house and look around and remember it full of buzzing energy, family together for Christmas, the lolly hunts in the backyard, the aunts chatting over the washing up, the old outhouse, the woman that greeted you at the door and said farewell with a friendly hooroo.

This is a photo of the famous NIWRAD gate that greeted my great aunt's guests. It's Darwin spelt backwards, it was a fond reminder of what once was their home. I don't know if there was much thought to the word being spelt backwards but I'm sometimes a little bit of an over thinker and I like to believe it was a symbol. To never look back. To always know where you came from but what you haven't done yet is often better then what came before.

So I learnt that maybe I should downsize the things I keep in my drawers. I learnt that death means so much in so many different ways. I learnt of memories, I learnt that there will always be a place for sentiment. It's almost a funny affair really. A loved one passes and people come together and as time goes on those same people laugh together, they argue about items left behind, they shrug it off and then they cry together. It's an uphill journey and a whirlwind of emotion.

I think what I really learnt was that it isn't about the house you lived in or the objects inside it. It's the person and what she left behind; the memories she gave others and the ones she took with her.


Friday, 15 February 2013

FF: Class and Sound

Awards season just keeps on going and this girl is just smiling at the world because of it.

So the BAFTAs and the Grammys. They are fabulous nights that I just wish I could experience first hand (yes I know I'm very much dreaming)

Here's my summary:

BAFTAs.. more like the Stephen Fry Show. Splash him on anything and he'll make a success out of it. Just love the intelligence and class he brings to everything.

Dame Helen Mirren - now this is a lady that ages more than gracefully. Pink hair? why not! She never seems to do wrong and I simply pray I grow old just as she has.

Marion Cotillard - the French beauty. Loved the splash of colour amongst the horrid English weather. It's one of those dresses you stare at for longer than usual because the cut is so divinely different.

Hayley Atwell. A contender for an English Rose. This is a stunningly classic look.

I know I've been lurking a lot in Clooney town recently but look at him who wouldn't want to be a resident there! I just loved the top coat amongst the red carpet slate weathered London. And I hate to admit it but Ben Affleck is sporting a certain something something recently and I must commend him on his passion for the art of film making.

No No No Elizabeth Olsen what is this? You are young, up and coming and pretty. Don't hide in this frumpy number.

MUSIC TIME!!! I love the world of music. I often sit and think there would be no point living if these wonderful people didn't have the talent of making music. Music cures the soul and frees the heart.

Taylor Swift - damn I hate her perfectly framed life. I'm not going to lie though, I miss her innocent country care free curls. Bring them back Taylor!

Kimbra - well I'm not going to be donning anything like that any time soon and yet I look at her and go yes Kimbra you wear that shiny tulle framed, golden dress you work it! Why? Because for some reason this society excepts the wacky, especially if they are musicians and I embrace it! And also a massive congrats to Gotye! Bring it home for Oz! And his speech - now that's moving, that's the magic of music.

Damn Rihanna and her rocking bod and striking features, you shouldn't be able to sing as well!

Kelly Rowland - Bringing it back baby! I love this black number. And those bangs! Kelly you looking bootylicious.

Angel Adele knows how to dress her body. This cute red lace number set fire to the rain.

And just because his music is currently my God here is the wonderful Ed Sheeran.

See you all Tuesday. (figuratively speaking)


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day to Forget

I think by now you all know my feelings on valentines day.

I'm not in the right frame of mind to rant but I will say this. Valentines day makes you feel more alone than any other day. For those of us who carry on by themselves it slaps us in the face and loneliness rushes through our veins.

Flowers from a brother, a friend a mother it's a reminder of you and you alone. You want to think that's beautiful that's cute, what a lovely gesture and yet you can't because you've had enough of these days feeling horrible.

For me anyway it's a sight that makes me cower under stupidly depressing emotions. It's an oxymoron it is a beautiful tragic sight. Something I would rather not see after all these years.

Why does there have to be this one day of love. I can't seem to fathom the use. And those happy hundreds out there shake their heads at my naïvety... And all I can say is a girls gotta be the person she wishes to be or maybe the person she thinks will make her stronger.

So there it is my little Thursday feeling.

See you tomorrow for what I hope is a more up beat post on red carpet glories.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

TT: A little bit French

Ok so I've never got the whole romantic exotic French thing but a budding baker must attempt the famous macarons at least once.

So I finally caved in and gave it a go. And here they are! I'm not the biggest fan of macarons - please don't hurt me! I just feel they are overrated and the only thing really going for them is how pretty they are but as Jane Austen has taught us we must be very cautious of the handsome kind.

A rather too romantic day is just around the corner and chocolate is flooding the mind. Thus the cocoa lathered flavours. These are my choc ganache macarons.

I do believe they came out a win.


Thursday, 7 February 2013


Well hello blogosphere. Hello world where I flirt commitment to and my promises are mere trickery. SORRY but I am really not very good at this game.

But despite it all I'm here on a Thursday and I'm sporting a thought. It isn't revolutionary and it sure isn't unconventional. Maybe it's the early morning air or the divine smell of coffee. Whatever the cause I seem to be thinking a little too hard...

22 and not much to show for all those years or living. 22 and wondering still why, wondering where, when and how. 22 and realising I have to face fears. Realising I have to become something. 22 and not at all ready for the real world.

You see a while ago I thought I was ready. Ready to be a respectable adult, ready to say "hello world come and get me." Now I'm not sure, now I'm completely lost in everything. My mind is a jungle of ideas, a maze of endless thoughts and contrasting notions. I want the glory sometimes but I'm too weak to tackle it. I want to be that free sprit, yet I'm much too afraid of being unable to support myself. I want convention (yes, sometimes I admit I think of taking that path) and yet I cower at the prospect. I'm walking through life blind.

What is it that will make me stand up? What will make me finally discover my calling. Do we even have callings?

I can't even box myself. Sometimes realist other times endless dreamer. Too often sceptic and occasional romantic (yes it's true). Too much of a girl and yet too little of a girl. Too loud, too shy, too much of a child. Too much pretend and idleness. A girl like any other.

Things in life change and sometimes I wish they never did. But very often I sit waiting for something better than the rest. I walk wondering when will it all begin. Because I do believe despite my 22 years of living on this planet of questions, I know but one answer - my life hasn't really truly begun. If I were to write a biography as we speak it would be filled with events of mere mediocre proportions. I won't lie to you or myself. I've been blessed with adventure, of new discovery. I've been tainted with loss and sadness.

But it isn't worth a read. It's my life and if I'm truly honest I've loved it. But it's there in draft form. It's good but it's no Shakespeare. I don't have enough paint on my canvas. Few extraordinary moments and not enough life lessons.

So here's to the beginning. I'm wonderfully lost and I'm scared. But I don't believe I'm alone and I can only hope things can only go up from here.

Ciao for now and may you live the next 24 hours just as I would. With lively questions and blind follies. With just trying to be happy at watching your life unfold. I'm telling myself slow it down; it should all work out in the end.