Tuesday, 8 January 2013

TT: We Decked the Halls

It truly was a time of joy and festive cheer.

So as promised albeit a little on the late side here's some pics of the typical christmas that belongs to my family alone.

I thought I'd keep it short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves.

I went a bit masterchef-over-cater-on-dessert crazy: croquembouche, pavlova, shortbread, chrissy pudding and cake, home made ice cream pudding etc etc - but indulgence is all part of the Chrissy tradition.

Me nervously preparing the croquembouche...

The table all ready for breakfast - bring on the classic fry up!

This year the tree was seriously obese. It may have been partly due to my little spoilt nephew... it's Christmas! Give give and more give :)

Here's the booze filled christmas cake - grandma's recipe, naturally. Excuse the slice... someone got a little impatient.

This year I decided to make some pudding to match the hot Aussie weather. Home made pistachio and raspberry ice cream, drizzled with a little honey.

The lunch spread. Indulge in it all! This photo doesn't even really do it justice - but believe me this is Christmas Gigantis.

Yep... that is a lego man santa... I told you my family was weird.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and fun filled New Years. Lets hope you didn't get up to too much trouble.

Love and here's to me being that tiny bit more consistent. Remember the good old days of posts three times a week?

Well let's make that my New Years resolution - although we know how notoriously unfaithful they are...


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