Friday, 18 January 2013

FF: Golden Girls

YAY! We shall sadly say farewell to the wondrous season that is the festive but then comes another - bring on the award season!!!

So here we go - my picks for best and worst dress. I'm going say it - I was thoroughly overwhelmed - thoroughly. I didn't gasp at much, I didn't covet much - it was all a little plain drum ol' boring. But here it is anyway. The Golden Globes were not quite so golden but I guess you've got to give it to the classical sometimes.

Award for Glamour Queen -

MICHELLE DOCKERY - My oh my isn't she the picture of glamour and pure English class. Love love this neck line and that hair and make-up - perfection.

Award for best coloured dress -

CLAIRE DANES - Yes, that's right there was minimal colour on the red carpet this year and it made me sad. But star of Homeland hit is home with this simple yet stylish and timeless number.

Award for most Daring -

LUCY LIU - so she got a lot of haters for this outfit but I give her tripe thumbs up. I love this Carolina Herrera floral beast of a beauty! It is stunning and daring and all things fairytale ending. Love the hair as well - it's a nice change from all that simple down do waves everyone else seemed to be sporting.

Award for Best Neutral Dress -

AMANDA SEYFRIED - So as I said the 'colour' on everyone's lips were beige, white, creams and more beige. So alas Amanda was my favourite of such dull shades. I adore the detail in this dress, especially the collar and all that lacey goodness.

Award for most appropriate attire for what was supposedly a very cold red carpet -

NAOMI WATTS - Ok so right now I'm crushing on her because I literally just watched The Impossible and cried like a petulant child. Seriously if you aren't prepared for some serious emotional drainage do not watch this beauty of a movie.

But seriously, loved this deep red intricate cut out dress - it's classy yet racey - the perfect mixture for a perfect girl.

Award for 'what a suprise, she's taking a chance' -

NICOLE KIDMAN - it is different especially for a simple girl like Nicole. Mr McQueen your legend truly does live on (I know I say that a lot, but truth is truth).

and I couldn't resist finding an adorable photo of the Aussie lovebirds. Granted the height difference is rather off putting, but the Urban is the kindest of men so I guess we must have exceptions.

Award for 'it's not the 90s' dress -

TINA FEY - it really upsets me when celebrities I adore do wrong in the fashion unit. Tina I am saddened; you have made me sad. The cut off this dress just isn't working. Sorry lovely but this belongs only in the archives.

Award for 'that's oh so typical' dress -

ANNE HATHAWAY - Here we go again a number that flatters but a number that doesn't really matter. It's charming but it's more typical than my Friday nights in. Seriously, look at her back catalogue and all you will find is a bit if armani, a dash of chanel and it's all sparkle and plain fit. (mind you I do really like the short bob on her - thank you Les Mis!)


Award for Best Dressed -

EMILY BLUNT - She is one of my many many girl crushes and her style is endlessly beautiful. Looking fabulous in yellow and really pulling off those waist cut outs. Loving the hair and the pop of coloured accessories.

Award for Worst Dressed -

SIENNA MILLER - I usually love this girl, I usually can't get enough of her red carpet style - so what on earth happened come 2013? What she thinking? This is not red carpet material, nor is this in anyway flattering. It looks like a bag and it's obscenely just no, no no!

And a quick shout out to the boys of Hollywood - too often do they get left behind.


THE CLOONEY - Well when doesn't he look good? Mind you that girl next to him - she sure needs a better stylist what with Clooney on her arms.

and new comer (and personal favourite)

EDDIE REDMAYNE - Obviously he's English and hence my favouritism. But come on doesn't he look handsome. PS - he went to Eton with Prince William, is now 31, sings like some kind of heaven and is oh so very charming.

See you cyber peeps on Tuesday.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

TT: We Decked the Halls

It truly was a time of joy and festive cheer.

So as promised albeit a little on the late side here's some pics of the typical christmas that belongs to my family alone.

I thought I'd keep it short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves.

I went a bit masterchef-over-cater-on-dessert crazy: croquembouche, pavlova, shortbread, chrissy pudding and cake, home made ice cream pudding etc etc - but indulgence is all part of the Chrissy tradition.

Me nervously preparing the croquembouche...

The table all ready for breakfast - bring on the classic fry up!

This year the tree was seriously obese. It may have been partly due to my little spoilt nephew... it's Christmas! Give give and more give :)

Here's the booze filled christmas cake - grandma's recipe, naturally. Excuse the slice... someone got a little impatient.

This year I decided to make some pudding to match the hot Aussie weather. Home made pistachio and raspberry ice cream, drizzled with a little honey.

The lunch spread. Indulge in it all! This photo doesn't even really do it justice - but believe me this is Christmas Gigantis.

Yep... that is a lego man santa... I told you my family was weird.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and fun filled New Years. Lets hope you didn't get up to too much trouble.

Love and here's to me being that tiny bit more consistent. Remember the good old days of posts three times a week?

Well let's make that my New Years resolution - although we know how notoriously unfaithful they are...