Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Year in Review

I'm back yet again after what seems like the longest hiatus yet and I am going to make it up to you with a what I hope is both a substantial and entertaining entry. So here goes...

Another year over and what have I done?

Well let's be honest not a great many things. But alas I must do the obligatory year in review post.

So wrecking balls, cronuts and hashtags aside my 2013 has been a pretty happily straight forward one. I spent morning till night stuck to a couch watching and falling in love with yet more tv dramas (aka Suits being the newest addition), the epic 50th Doctor Who anniversary episode was viewed with fan girl eyes, I fell in love with the man that is Tom Hiddleston (don't you dare google this man, you will be ruined), I discovered yet more delicious sweet recipes, attempted to read Shakespeare's works, had a little getaway down to Melbourne, had a few small victories getting my work published in small little publications (and often feeling like some sort of free prostitute; selling my words minus the cash), the goal of trying to cut down on materialistic goods was relatively achieved and I discovered most definitely from my part time job in Toowoomba that I am 100% city girl down to the smallest bone.

Trivial things aside the year has been pretty high speed:

My loved ones have remained loved and many of them are going through massive life changes; new babies, new houses, new jobs and new beginnings. I on the other hand didn't really begin my part II this year but rather watched on the sidelines as family moved on and I yearned for simpler times.

But let's face it the future is always better, the things we have yet to see, experience and do will always hold more delight and adventure than years past.

Change is inevitable and on most occasions character building beautiful parcels disguised as difficult to bear obstacles.

I know me more than anyone else and I know that you've got to give me time to warm to something new, to take that leap, to open up to someone.

So if I were to sum up 2013 in one word it would be change, for me and for all those I hold most dear.

The year marked an end of my six years long chapter of endless all nighters, of nail biting last minute study and lazy pantless days skipping lectures. Alas I have graduated from the world of tertiary education. I now am the proud owner of two pieces of pretty droll paper that makes it possible to call me an official bachelor of arts and journalism. What does that mean? Probably not a whole lot. What will that give me in life? Probably not a whole lot. But I did it and I'm pretty proud of it, proud that I stuck through it all, proud that I went through this so called societal passage of life. I've been blessed with an education much higher than I might deserve and looking back on it all, I appreciate and value each and every moment.

So now as we approach the end of another year I finally begin a crisp new paper, a world untouched, a life about to begin.

This more than ever makes me shiver with fear and complete bemusement. I'm lost in a maze of thoughts and possibilities, not knowing how to piece them together and make sense of it all.

But if I dig down to those positive corners of my mind I know that it will all work out, I stare wantonly at inspirational quotes of moving forward, of tackling your dream and doing not just wishing. I have spurts of inspiration, moments that could be a glimmer of that one special beginning, that one massive explosion that I'm searching for. But then there's moments where you really wander maybe you aren't destined to be great, maybe what you really want isn't that at all.

I write out so many different paths for myself and I can never work out which one I would be most happy with. They are all such very different lives and I wonder where my priorities lie. I'm often rather fickle and all together much too indecisive. I'll wake up one morning and tell myself "feminism all the way, I'm going to be career bitch number one". Other days I'll sit in my pajamas watching Love Actually and I'll come to the finite conclusion all I really want is love, no money, no amazing job, no house with a city skyline view because I'm probably the biggest hopeless romantic you will ever meet (shhh don't tell anyone... oops sorry internet). Other moments I'm dreaming away a life of freedom, the girl who travels, who has no permanent postcode, the pure exhilaration and adventure of waking up in a new city every day. Then some days I wish I could have it all, and I'm almost certain no one can.

So here I am soul searching away and trying to throw in some proactive action and thought to hopefully get a fraction of any of the above.

At the moment I'm currently a part of a exciting project - I'm one of the editors of the upcoming Creative Drinks print magazine! Although unpaid and unknown, I'm loving the involvement. Sometimes I really do think I could be more creative than I make myself believe and that maybe I do fit into this carefree world and free spirited creatives. My childhood and surrounding family might have hindered or suppressed what I might be. So this could be a personal journey as well as a professional one.

I'll get my act together eventually and maybe the life that I was actually looking for isn't any of the ones I've planned because who knows what or who is behind the next door.

The year isn't over yet, I'm saying hello to 2014 from the sunny shores of Fiji with some friends I could never live without and I couldn't be happier.

So that was the year I turned 23, all the best moments required no real form of payment, all the highlights involve friends and family and each and every second despite the many lows I've come out with a smile, because life is truly short and I'm trying to live every minute of every second of each and every day.

Annual christmas brunch with the best gals in the world, you remind me everyday how lucky I am to have you in my life.

And spending time with this little treasure has truly made my 2013 so magically wonderful. Being an aunty is more rewarding than I ever dreamed it would be.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. May you spend this joyous time of year amongst friends and family, forget the diets and indulge on the best of life's small pleasures. Wish a stranger merry Christmas, do one good deed on Christmas Day and laugh as much as humanly possible! 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here's looking at the future

I seem to be running out of anecdotes and cliches for the amount of times I ruthlessly abandon this blog and you dear reader and this entry is most certainty no consolation prize.

Let's be honest since finishing uni and waiting for graduation day to arrive I haven't been doing all that much. Catching up on tv shows and movies, sitting around eating all the food in my reach and occasionally walking out the door in a somewhat acceptable manner to earn some cash, socialise and ensure my body gets a little sunlight.

I'm kinda loving it at the moment. Because it's true, right now, this piece of time in my life is the only time I will get this absolute freedom. I'm not going to go out and hurry to be another cog in the working machine. I know I need to be one eventually, but just for a few months let me be me.

So I have also come to the decision that I'm going to need to change this blog a bit because I've decided we have gone way too long with this whole three weekly posts a week trickery.

In the coming weeks I'll be updating this little morsel of the internet with a slightly different brand of Alicia Moo, but it will still be same old silly me.

I'm most likely going to get rid of the whole Tuesday, Friday, Sunday thing and just stick to random posts on any given day, because why organise and scrutinise when life should be lived day by day, moment by moment.

I'll also be writing about things outside of food and fashion and will be exploring the world of opinion pieces, frivolous nothings and the odd little rambling. So I hope you will join me on this always changing terrain that is me.

In other news: is expanding its'audience and hopefully looking towards exciting things to come.

My current goal is to read more and potentially learn a language.

Buzzfeed is currently a fabulous source of joy for me.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hump Day Advice

Did I come running back to you Tuesday? Of course I didn't! I'm not one to come running back and I'm not one to please others (on occasion) so is my nature and so it always will be.

But I am still here a day late, so just deal.

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to dance with my kitchen of late but I will be in the coming days hurrah!

So I shall delight you with yet another thought of mine.

Do we work to live or live to work? I know, it's the age old question and one that is top of my list right now and I'm starting to swerve.

Maybe we are all working to just live, maybe no one is truly happy with their job. Maybe it is all a guise, we wear masks to make ourselves feel better, or for those around us to think we are living some sort of blessed life.

When I think about all of my most treasured memories they never involve work, let alone any kind of educational means.

They exist only of the simple pleasures.

Of laughing with friends, seeing Big Ben, the Great Wall and the vast great blue ocean, looking into your nephew's eyes and sitting down for a family meal.

It doesn't involve money or any sort of effort. It's just cheesy good old love.

So my hump day advice is simple:

Delight and jump into the small things, because in the end that's all that really matters. We have such a limited time in this world, why waste it worrying about what only stresses us and makes us apart of some great joke. We need not worry about making our mark on this world, why impress others when you can impress yourself with the only true thing you'll end up being happy about.

So be a little sentimental, slow down and take a page out of the cheesy book of old fashioned, simple, unwavering love.


Friday, 8 November 2013

I'm back!

I left you like a thief in the night but I have come back to you as Rose would to her Jack.

So I thought I would use this post as a little newsletter... Yes I use that word purposefully. Ok so weekly newsletters were never going to happen but I'm going to try and make them monthly starting from the New Years. So for now here's what I've been up to in my absence:

The main scenery of my life has been the four walls of my bedroom. As your classic uni student I lazed about my days until the realisation hit that I only had four weeks left to complete and start three assignments, one oral presentation and a report to hand in. Considering these would be my last ever assessments of my uni life I found it fitting my habits never changed.

In the wee hours of the morning I have still been getting my articles together for Creative Drinks and I have been depressingly starring at a blank screen in the hopes a graduate job will pop up.

I have discovered that I can't go an hour without procrastinating and that the internet is the closest relationship I have at the moment (no joke, I feel like google just gets me).

And lastly, little insignificant me has received an award! Say what!? Was my first and still is reaction. Best online journalist and finalist for the national student journalist awards, seriously I'm still in shock. Here's hoping this is the beginning of something bigger and better.

And now I am lazing about enjoying what little glorious nothings I have left before I attempt to make a respectable adult of myself. Television, movies, eating, attempting to excercise and Youtubing Tom Hiddleston... (That's another story I best not dwell on) 

Oh and of course getting excited for my tropical island getaways! Yup! For a week I'm saying goodbye Brisbane, hello sunny shores of Fiji and then blink twice and I'll be on a cruise with the extended family. Oh what adventures I shall tell.

I've missed this immensely and I promise I'll be back here Tuesday.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Suffering from not knowing

You all know by now I am not one to commit and hence I leave you in the dark so very often so what's new in the life of me:

Very little. I have no news of great importance to delight you with but instead I have other people's great words on my mind.

I love TED talks - they enrich my life and they educate in an entertaining and professional manner that never ceases to amaze and inspire. It's my little slice of intellect in what usually is a world filled with icing, food and useless material goods.

I have to say that my favourite is the great Ken Robinson. He is somewhat of a TED talk legend and a man whose public speaking shines and his words have inspired me to no end.

He's funny, intelligent, engaging, a storyteller and one hell of a speaker (oh and did I mention he's English?)

If you are ever in need of some educational inspiration watch these.

I've re-watched these videos several times, each time with a different perspective. Sometimes he makes me want to be a teacher, other times he sways me to be some great and new public servant who changes the education system for the better and other times he just makes me smile, knowing there is brightness and intelligence among us, knowing that there are people who want to make a difference, who aren't afraid to push boundaries and change social norms.

I'm suffering from not knowing what I want to be, I'm at a loss, still trying to find my happy ending and still trying to work out my strengths but Ken Robinson, he inspires me, just like so many people in this world.

If there is anything he has taught me it is this: do whatever it takes to find your passion and pursue it. The trouble is I don't think I've found it yet. But he tells me that life isn't linear and that there is no right way to go about it.

I'll leave you with this quote to ponder on:

“For most of us the problem isn’t that we aim too high and fail - it’s just the opposite - we aim too low and succeed.” 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

When it all goes wrong

I will be the first to admit most of my faults and I have my share.

I am also prone to crumbling under baking pressure.

It happened only a few days ago.

Baking for special occasions, friends and family places this invisible weight on my shoulders and suddenly I have to worry about a whole new factor. I call it pressure baking.

For some very silly reason I fall trap to this overwhelming need to please and to get it right and in all that concentration, I lose concentration. I fall victim to mistakes and suddenly a cake that I have tried and tested becomes a mess of great proportions.

When people don't understand how all those contestants on Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules etc can screw up a dish that they have been cooking since infancy I say to them - why don't you try it. It's because we want it to be perfect and life throws a curve ball at you and something that is second nature becomes a world of nightmarish failure.

But I know we can all work on it - so here's to not falling under the pressure, here's to taking it easy, it's what you love to do, so just do it, don't over think it, don't cry over spilt milk and pick yourself up and get back to those beaters.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

TT: Why Baking?

So this hobby is really growing.

I'm buying special tools from cake stores, I'm constantly reading recipes and I'm finding myself baking almost everyday.

It is so soothing. Baking is to me, what writing was to Jane Austen. It takes me to a place I wish I could be more often - a place of complete solitude. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, I'm sure my enthusiasm for food has not gone astray and I'm most definitely certain that you, dear reader know that I would indeed make love to food if I could.

I wish I had more time and opportunity to cook savoury dishes, it's a whole different world to eggs, milk and sugar. I wish I could cook my dad's recipe, I wish I had the chance to learn from my grandparents. Sadly, setting that time to do so deems difficult. I hope I don't loose interest and I hope I only continue to grow, just I would hope for another aspects of my little life.

So for now I'm sticking to my baking guns and I'm learning each step of the way. I'm not shy admit that I have made my fair share of mistakes and experiments have often turned into a world far from perfect but in the end I enjoy doing it. Maybe baking is a potential profession? But then again, maybe it is just a hobby. I'm certainly not creative enough to think up my own ridiculous concoctions that actually work and taste good. So for now, let me be a home baker, let me spend my dough on dough attachments and let me continue to show love the only way I really know how.

I'm watching rather be-latedely The Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief - yes, that's correct, Bake off with English comedians! Ed Byrne said "Baking is the closest humans get to witchcraft" - I think he's absolutely right. Baking is magic, mix ingredients together and wake in heat and 15 minutes later you've got a deliciously edible being, it's pure delight.

This Friday is set aside for pure hour by hour slaving over cream, chocolate and layers. I'm baking two birthday cakes and I'm challenging everything I have in me to get them done in time. Don't worry, I've practiced, so fingers crossed I don't serve up a leaning tower of Pisa to my family.

See you in three sleeps.


Friday, 30 August 2013

FF: Most Loved Accessory

Ok, so I might be cheating this FF but I've discovered something I'm sure I already knew but have not yet experienced, until now.

If someone were to ask me right this minute what I cannot live without, very materialistically, generation y typical I'm going to have to say my iPhone. It is with me everywhere, every second of the day. It's on the bathroom bench when I'm in the shower, it's under my pillow at night, it seeps into my dreams and is visible in my day to day activities at least 80% of the time.

Now we have to remember the following account is from a purely selfish, developed country, "I have known no other and I'm grateful for that" kind of perspective...

Two days ago I dropped my phone in water! Yes, like thousands before me I have dunked my precious possession in copious amounts of kryptonite.

I'm not exagerrating when I say I was more distressed, saddened, angry and frustrated than I have ever been. That is my life right there being short circuited by H2O.

Everything I do is in that tiny beautiful thing, all of it. 

So I spent the next 10 hours apart from society, I was cut off.

This is what scares me, I was incapable of thought, I didn't know what to do with myself. It was just 10 HOURS!!! What is wrong with me! I am certain that I would be one of the first to die if there was a world wide blackout. I mean I still had my laptop, why was I complaining? Why!? It was unreasonable, childish and incompetent.

Everytime I found myself walking off to do something, I would think, phone... BUT no, there was no phone, I was completely naked. So that's it, that would be my hardest challenge, living without a phone. I was seriously cracking, I would be a mentally unstable ball of nothing if another 10 hours went by.

Thankfully, that wonderful mystical being that is the iCloud has saved most of all the important bits and bobs, minus several of the photos, but I'm ok with this. So I am now stuck with an old iPhone3, and it amazes me how far technology has come since only 3 years ago, this phone is sluggish, poor screen quality and just uber dated, but I'm not complaining, I have a phone that works fine. I can very easily stick it out until the much awaited new iPhone comes around.

So, I have finally come to terms with the fact that:

a. It was all my fault that she is now dead
b. I really need to cut down on the amount of times I look at my phone per day
c. Apple really might one day take over the world

So yeah, I'm going to say I rely, more than absolutely need and most certaintly love with every fibre of my being, my iPhone.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TT: Ombre

For the past two weeks I have been over my head in cake batter and buttercream. The family kitchen has been reluctantly overtaken by my kitchenaid and copious amounts of butter and food dye.

This is the experimental ombre cake. I have succumbed to Pinterest, to instagram and to the world. It was time I attempted this aesthetically pleasing dessert. 

It isn't actually hard, it's a simple cake recipe topped with the added bonus of colour. I've now tried two entirely different recipes and take 2 trumps by far. 

First attempt I tried for a sponge recipe that included egg whites which in turn made for a rather delicate cake and thus working with four layers was not the most perfect outcome. 

I also used a raspberry cream cheese frosting which came out well but really overpowered the whole cake. But I did slave over the pretty decorative icing which took both patience and brain power. 

This first attempt took me several hours due to the simple fact I only had two cake tins. But I have now purchased 5 new tins - Christmas did indeed come early for me. 

And take 2 was indeed a ginormous success. 

I am a slave to cooking shows and The Great Australian Bakeoff is obviously no exception. 
So naturally was forced to try Monique's one step above the rest ombre cake. This baby actually has 5 different flavours! So it seriously is a wonder of a cake, both to make and to eat. 

Rosewater, vanilla, orange, lemon and coconut surrounded by a delicately beautiful Swiss Meringue buttercream. I've never made buttercream with egg whites before, but it has now become my favourite icing, especially for my non sweet tooth family. 

So here they are and I will see you lovelies as soon as I possibly can.



In Creative Drinks news: check it out, we've got a new website!!! And on a personal touting level, my Ekka cake article got tweeted by the Ekka itself! This baby was slightly too excited for 140 characters or less, but I'm taking whatever I can get. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

TT: Malt

Last Friday night I decided it was a while since I got to have a lovely leisurely dinner somewhere classy where the atmosphere and food come with a pretty hefty price tag for a student budget.

Malt Dining is splendid!

It is my kind of fine dining - not over pretentious with an atmosphere fit for the great Manhattan itself.

I'm missing travel immensely so dining out is integral to my sanity.

The bottom floor was packed full of after hours city workers mingling away with their scotch and whisky while as you ascend modern stairs in an old building you find yourself in an intimate setting perfect for a relaxing dinner.
There's also a third floor - the cellar - I did not get to venture down there but judging by the photos this is designed for special groups of 20 who are opting for a special private affair surrounded by bottles of wine and exposed timber beams - my favourite!

Hmmm... I think I know where I'll be having my next party.

Wonderful wait staff, food that not only looked great but came in generous proportions and copious amounts of deliciousness and to top it all off a pianist is playing melodic tunes in the background.

Hidden away along Market Street this place is definitely a must for Brisbanites and for anyone looking for a good eat amongst a beautiful backdrop.

Check it out here.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

TT: Mini Cupcakes

I love the petite world - the freedom to dazzle in small proportions and delight in tiny yet quality dreams.

These are some little vanilla pink cupcakes I made for my cousins birthday.

It almost seems mandatory for little girls to obsess over pink and cuteness simply comes naturally so mini cupcakes is ultimately the one and only perfect way to celebrate.

I've got a few things on the run at the moment. I've been super busy with my internship and uni has yet again begun (for the very last time in my life!)
So forgive me if you do not see me 2 times a week, every week.

But make sure you catch, like, borrow and preach to the choir all of my weekly articles at I'm having a blast and it's helping me get to know what I want to do for the rest of my life (still very much in the dark though).

I know I totally didn't get that Kate Middleton blog post up, time has slipped through my fingers. But it's obviously too late for that now.

In the meantime please go and tell anyone who will listen about this little blog and hopefully my words don't go to waste.


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

TT: Nuts for Cake

Again, apologies for my lack of photography...

So this is my pistachio lime flourless cake with a lime and honey buttercream, because what isn't improved by buttercream?

It has a wonderful banana cakey, nutty consistency and taste rather healthy.... I say taste, I don't mean it actually IS healthy.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Checkerboard Cake


I have overcome fears of cake hell destruction and have successfully constructed a near masterpiece.

Yes, I won't lie to you, I'm rather chuffed at myself.

I cut, assembled and successfully achieved this -

Yes, tis not my invention and is just a lesser copy of another man's genius (I may have stole that line from the wonderful Teddy Larence from Little Women)

So behold the chocolate orange checkerboard cake.

Obviously, it isn't a perfect cake but as first attempts go I couldn't be happier.

Hope we are all watching The Great Australian Bakeoff - it is seriously making Tuesday night so very very sweet!

See you Friday for I feel it mandatory to talk the now mother of yet to be named prince.


Sunday, 14 July 2013


It's getting old, I'm not consistent and you shall all have to accept that for now.

I have spent the last few hours trying to make this site pretty (again) and I have been thinking about this for a while now and so it has been done.

I have indeed dropped the name Papilio and I am now solely Alicia Moo.

Yes, yes, I have followed in the footsteps of many before me and I have shamefully decided my name is all the world shall know.

It is after all the one and only thing that belongs to you and a name is your identity in itself, so why not advertise it.

I hope you like it and I will most certainly see you on Tuesday.

In other news:

My life has been a little of the same old green grass - there is really not that much to complain about, my tv viewing is fantastic, my internship - a blast, my time cooking has been somewhat extended and my ability to spend cash on food and fashion is indeed still very much an issue.

Kisses and well wishes.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

TT: carrots

Weeks are just going by much to fast for leisurely life and alas this is again a day late.

This week I embarked on a different sort of carrot cake - flour free and full of goodies - walnuts, almonds and spices ahoy! Ad a dash of lemon to the cream cheese frosting and you've got a delicious little number. I found it tasted better after a nice sleep in the fridge.

Hope you all have been reading the wonderful stories at and can't wait to see you Friday.

Friday, 28 June 2013

FF: Suits!

Yes, by now we all know my obsession with suits and guess what?

I have finally got round to watching Suits the tv legal drama and oh dear lord, Mr Harvey Specter takes suits to a whole new level.

He exclusively wears Tom Ford suits that are in the eye-popping ball park of $10,000!

It's so refreshing seeing a classically handsome man don beautifully tailored timeless and powerful suits.

Men - take a note or two out of Mr Specter's style books please!

I don't have the words to describe what goes on in my mind and soul when I see this man on my tv screen.

The character of Mike Ross is also pretty damn attractive, especially cosidering he is a genius and all. And I do rather admire his atire as well - it's just a little more metro, skinny ties and all that sartorial jazz.

So I shall let the image do the talking.

So sorry this is so short, I've been swamped in the general business of life.

See you Tuesday.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

We are creatures of habit

So naturally I do not have an actual post for you today.

Never fear I do have news:

Here's my first 2 articles for



Please spread the word - we want to get more people involved, especially students we want to socialise and get their work noticed at the same time!

We are looking at having a networking event sometime in August so keep your eyes peeled, it's sure to be a thrill.

I'll have something for you next Tuesday as I am from here on in devoted my free Thursdays to baking.

(Creature of habit will beg to differ, but we humans are capable of great things)

See you Friday and in the mean time enjoy the ramblings of the young team at Creative Drinks.


Friday, 21 June 2013

FF: Royal Ascot!

Oh how I love this time of year. The weather is cool and the fashion is beautiful and over in a far part of the world a race of royal proportions begins.

Did you guess what colour the Queen wore?

When is she ever not in pastel! But Queen I bow to you, for you know what works on you.

So over the the weird, wacky and beautiful of Ascot millinery.

Ascot takes novelty hats to a whole new stratosphere and without them, well, where's the fun in that.

Oh my oh my, talk about a love of her country...

There's something about this photo that gets me all gooey inside. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere.

Ummm.... I think she meant to go to the 5 year old arts and craft class.

This man turned horse racing on its' head.

Cake anyone?

Loving this turban. And that stealy stare - she's rocking the look right down to the attitude.

The much loved Queen with a streak of highlighter pink, you classy little woman you!

And to end, words can't describe how perfect this photo is to me. Men in top hats amongst a sky of Union Jack bunting, perfect. Click here.



Wednesday, 19 June 2013

TT: Blueberry Bundles

Sorry this is a day late, was engrossed in the beauty that was the socceroos - we are going to the World Cup!

What's a girl to do but eat blueberries all day!

The berry family lures me in with their good looks and sweetness so put it together with a cake and you've got yourself a pretty little bundle of joy.

These are my blueberry cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting - my absolute favourite! Not too sweet and always a crowd pleaser.

These were delicious straight out of the oven but served cold worked just as well.

In other news, I have just started an internship with Margin Media for Creative Drinks - please check out the website, get reading, get networking and jump on board.

It's a really amazing, creative team with funky offices and a brilliant mission on their shoulders.

It's young and raring to make a difference - hope you can join me on this adventure.

I'll be writing about my foodie adventures there so hey presto - you get to read more of my words of "wisdom".

Ciao for now and fingers crossed I'll see you Friday.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

TT: Custardy comforts

Sometimes you can find some gems in unexpected places.

It's masterchef season and the free recipes books are storming into Coles! 

Ok so I'm not a Curtis Stone fan but this stone recipe really did the trick.

He calls it lemon custard pudding but I'm going to rename it lemon cheats soufflé with a honey anglaise. It rose like a soufflé and boy did it look like one, granted it wasn't a soufflé but it had the lightness of one and he eggs to boot. 

So here it is - I loved it, it warmed the soul and emptied the mind of all worries.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

SS: 1950s?

Am I still dreaming or did my eyes deceive me? Did I by some unknown power get transported back to the 1950s?

This image comes to you courtesy of a friend who knew this man would make my day.

Roger Stirling anyone? Put a ciggie in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other and it's real life mad men!

I love the touch of modernity in the form of his doc martens - this man has got some serious class going on.

Fingers cross more Sunday post will be back.... 'Humans of Brisbane'? Well, here's hoping I get off my behind and do some more Brisbaney exploration.

I have officially finished my last ever semester 1 of uni so no more excuses!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

TT: It's a Classic

It was time to go back to basics. We all know how much of a sucker I am for nostalgia, for a past time, for a classic of any sort.

This week it's the upside down pineapple cake.

There's a funny story behind my baking this cake and you'll never guess how it started. You see, sadly I am now very familiar with the latest Play School cast. For overseas readers this is the all time and all loved children's television show where presenters read stories, play games and beloved soft toys all around. It was my hole childhood growing up and with a little nephew it has become a part of my life again. A favourite episode of my nephew's contains the presenter making, rather poorly an upside down pineapple cake.

And thus the notion was just right there for the taking - my little nephew had to see this in real life, done properly (let's incorporate all the flour in fully now!) Of course I used a different and I'm almost 100% positive better recipe and it turned rather upside-downy delicious. I would suggest you serve it warm and with a dollop of cream - because what isn't better with cream!

I'm dreadfully sorry my camera hasn't been getting any sort of work out of late, this dismal almost-all-eaten iPhone photo is going to have to suffice.


Friday, 31 May 2013

FF: Not so Nasty Nicole

People do surprise you sometimes and dear old Nicole has definitely done just that at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Every red carpet gown has left me almost speechless. See very often I find her style paint dryingly boring but this time round some magical stylist got their talented hands all over what is usually drib drab!

She graces The Great Gatsby carpet with this neon highlighted number that I would happily sell a kidney for.

There was even this little black number that looks like it should be under the word "timeless" in the dictionary. Also, I'm quite the sucker for the classic innocent ribbon in the hair - it reminds me of childhood, little girls running around whilst the ribbons of their plaits flow freely behind them. Ribbons are simply a thing of beauty!

In typical style, the Aussie love birds had to make an appearance and this patterned Scott L'Wren gown did the trick. Love the little jewel in her hair to finish off a simple yet elegant look. But a word to the happy couple - PDA's on red carpets? Not the right place my dear celebs, not the right place!

Then of course this controversial Valentino 'recycled' dress - which I am completely ignoring all rumours as clearly he wouldn't do such a blasphemous thing!

And the latest is absolute bliss is this little silver screen do. White dresses always scare me but when it's right it's perfectly spectacular. Oh Mr Armani pretty please could you make me a dress?

She's also been rocking several sleek hairstyles all come complete with a 'no boring' label. Nicole I commend you, no droll blonde, or slightly revolting it's positively demure Kidman all the way.

PS: Remember that challenge I have myself... well I might have broken it - but only slighty! I haven't bought anything YAY!!! BUT I have browsed, I have indeed opened all those emails and I have clicked next page on sale items :(
Well all things considered I didn't do alright didn't I?

Tuesday is just around the corner and hopefully I shall have something for you ;)


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TT: Melting Moments

No, not the soppy kind. The delicious kind!!!

I love melting moments. They are such a perfectly morish little bundle of joy.

My mum adores them, which is a miracle considering every second sentence is either in form a complaint or criticism. (PS, Love you mum).

It's a shortbread but sweeter! This time I added a little lemon to my buttercream because what's life without a little zest. Don't overcook these, they should just be turning a light golden brown on the base and they are ready to gulp down!

Serve straight away with a good old cup of tea on a sunny afternoon.

And yes, I would like to remind you all that procrasti-baking is indeed a dreadful form of procrastination for which I am wholly guilty of.

See you Friday!

Friday, 24 May 2013

FF: Challenge Accepted

Thus far my online shopping ban has been a total success!!!

I have not opened a single email - a simple select and delete!

It has been amazingly satisfying.

I grant you, I still cannot avoid a good old window shopping in the stores - I did not meaningfully go out to the city for shopping, it is just a necessity to get to uni.

I shall continue to keep you posted on my little personal challenge.

Sorry this is probably the world's shortest blog entry but due to this ban I haven't really read a lot or seen a lot of fashion. Tis a sad world indeed.

Covered in assignments galore, which I am still putting off.

Well it is a Friday night after all.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

TT: Rather Appropriate Eurovision Eating

If you do not watch Eurovision, put simply - you haven't experienced the total joy life holds.

It's a European extravaganza of the wacky, wonderful and downright weird. It's sensory overload and it's trashy at times, catchy almost all the time and beautifully magical from start to finish.

We travelled to wonderful Sweden this year, the home of the flat pack furniture and apparently the home of milk. Watch the final to see what I mean.

This year we saw Dracula "singing", Finnish girls lesbian kissing and a genuine giant named Igor (actually named Igor).

You have your typical hot European women and your mandatory ridiculously good looking European men, throw in some light up instruments and a lot of smoke machine and you've got 100% entertainment.

So naturally as we got on our European, ate our Swedish meatballs and then I thought it was only right to end the meal with a nod to the mother country.

England is notorious for not doing well at Eurovision so I figured I best bake something to make them feel a little better.

Here's my bread and butter pudding - perfect for a cold winter's night.This cheap, make-to-basics and comforting dessert is quintessentially English, it's a warm hug, an elixir for the soul and simply my cup of tea.

Top with some melted marmalade at the end to give it that wonderful hint of zesty sweetness.

See you kiddies Friday!


Friday, 17 May 2013

FF: I blame online shopping

For my currently atrocious shopaholic status.

Online shopping has brought a whole new threat to my savings account. Everyday I get an average of 10 emails from numerous online shopping sites and recently I have refused to open them. This is my attempt at being frugal. I shall ignore their presence and hence stop myself from inevitably buying that 50% off dress.

But, here's the problem. It is currently crunch time at uni. Assignments are trampling all over my poor bones and procrastination comes in the handy form of online shopping.

ASOS! I hate the person that created you! I would have been perfectly happy if you didn't exist. Imagine it then, so much time gone into scrolling through pages and pages of your lovely items of clothing could have happily been spent in other more productive means. Alas, you exist and I blame thee for everything.

It's not just ASOS! It's ModCloth, it's Ebay, it's Ozsale, it's Net-A-Porter, it's Anthropologie!

I should put some sort of firewall on all sites that could possibly take away my money. That would include things like Book Depository, Amazon and god knows what else.

It's a jungle of trouble that I can't seem to resist. It pulls me in with its' never ending charm and it calls for me with its' thousands of emails. Even when I don't open them I can't ignore the subject line: 80% off all dresses!!!!

So I'm proposing a challenge. No internet shopping for the next three weeks. I know, that seems awfully short and I do go three weeks very easily without purchasing anything. But I'm talking proper ban. I mean absolutely no browsing. I can't visit the site, I can't read the emails, I can't know of the sales.

I've said it and recently I've been sticking to my word.

Wish me luck and see you on Tuesday.

Apologies for no foodie treats for the last two weeks. I have not found a minute free to play around with my oven. It is making me terribly sad and thus I have made it my one goal this weekend to bake you something spectacular!


Friday, 10 May 2013

FF: Meet me at the Met

It's that time of year again. The I-am-so-disgustingly-jealous-and-want-to-go-so-bad to event of the social calendar. It is the one and only Met Gala!

Ahhhhh sooooo much to say! Celebrities really go all out for this massively elegant affair.

This year the theme was PUNK! And just like every themed party there are always those who rock up just as they always look, it is a gigantic shame and in my books a complete and utter no no no!

So these are my, somewhat surprising picks of the night.

SJP! You are almost never in my best dressed list. But you read 'Punk' and you went there, big time! I say thank you Mrs Parker, you nailed it!

Boldly sporting yet another new hair-do, Anne Hathaway for once did not play Miss safe. Loving it head-to-toe.

Oh Gisele how you flaunt your perfect body and make me want to stuff my face in a 2L tub of ice-cream. Love the attitude in this photo and all that gold chain work.

Jennifer Lawrence looked the pretty punk picture in this Dior number. Taking 'Punk Couture' rather literally.

This is the night where you take it to the next level, where you crank up the volume and you forget simply subtle even exists.

So maybe one day I might say "meet me at the Met"


Friday, 3 May 2013

FF: 1920s!

That's all I have to say really. the 1920s really were something special.

Glamour and divinity. It's a little decade of jewels and frivolity, of living life on the edge, of underground scenes and spectacular decadence. The flapper was indeed a stunner of a dress. The boys of the time danced amongst the best and finest of style and the youth were singing praises and acting like they ruled the world. Why couldn't I live in a world of such elegance and class, bring back the life of Mr Gatsby I say, let's throw out the rule books and live in fiction. O if only wishes could come true.

But what a decade, what a celebration. I'm feeling all 1920s because it's Great Gatsby time!!! Fan girl screaming! Baz Luhrmann movies make my heart skip a beat, they titillate the senses and play with my emotional mind. Plus this time round he's cast two very beautiful actors - girl crush Carey Mulligan and timelessly dapper, Leo Di Caprio.

Oooo I just cannot wait!

The jewellery in the film is all by the one and only Tiffany&Co and the costumes - well I just want to dive in and swim amongst all those sequins, head dresses and tailored waistcoats.

Sadly, I still have to wait another three weeks till I can appreciate it's beauty on the big screen. Til then, I shall feed my curiosity with google images and 1920s dreams.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TT: Sticy Rice!

Last weekend marked the first (and definitely not the last) of days where I tried my hand at a rather tricky business.

Jun! It holds a very special place in my heart. It warms the cockles of my stomach and it brings joy to my humble household.

It's basically sticky rice with a delicious filing of meat, mushroom, peanuts and just a whole bundle of yum wrapped rather beautifully in bamboo leaves ready for cooking.

Soooo this is what I discovered - I am far from a natural when it comes to wrapping these parcels. I'd wrap and wrap and grain by grain the rice just kept falling out.

So if in honest my mum was the sole owner of these. But next time I shall try and try again. Essentially it is suppose to look like a beautiful little pyramid so imagine the difficulties involved.

Here are some images (sorry for the poor quality)

Also I have uber exciting news! Someone has accepted my work!!! Please check out it's a very brand new online zine that's got gen y splashed all over it. Hope you love it, well, I'm telling you to love it because they loved a bit of me.


Friday, 26 April 2013

FF: A Step Back in Time

We all love a good old reminiscing session and I'm probably the Queen of reminiscing.

Remember the 90s? Oh what a fashion mistake of a decade it was. I don't like advertising that I'm a 90s kid - it was a horribly distasteful period to grow up in.

A time of baggy faded jeans, floral bike shorts, t-shirts that hung two sizes too big, well everything that was too big, bum bags, those other leathery mixed between a backpack and a handbag bag - What. Was. That? And hair that to this day I will not understand.

Remember all those boy bands? I was no exception - I hung them all over my bedroom walls. Remember when scrunchies where in? Those horrible bits of cheap looking fabric that could come in all shapes and sizes - how I shudder at the thought. I begged my mum for a new one each day! I can safely say that tasteless collection is long gone.

Yes, it was an interesting time. It was a mistake for the world of fashion - not even an iconic one. We might look back and cringe at the 80s but at the same time we look back on it with fondness. Although outrageous and grotesque - it was, for lack of a better word, iconic. Fashion was emerging, taking new heights, being bold. With the introduction of shoulder pads, colours of highlighter scale and leg warmers to boot fashion was everywhere, people were trending all kinds of new looks. So although you would never catch me dead in an 80s inspired outfit (a part from your themed party) it was a decade of exciting change, of memorable moments. Whereas the 90s was just 10 years of limbo, 10 years of plain rubbish.

Remnants of the 90s is still lurking about our streets - it's the inspiration for this whole subset of people, this group we call hipsters. "It's ironic" they all say. Like I always say, style is personal and fashion is a way of expressing. Let them re-live the days of the Backstreet Boys, let them pretend messed up side pony tails are cool.
But it's bye, bye, bye to the 90s for yours truly.

And just for kicks (yours only) here's a little step back in time...

Looks like I always wanted to play dress up!

So in the words of the 90s girl band, B-Witched

"Say you're true, say to me c'est la vie"


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

TT: Lunch Date

Who doesn't love a good old lunch date. A chance to catch up with friends, to give your tastebuds an adventure and to sit and just relax amongst a warm sunny day.

Went to a little known cafe just outside the CBD and it was a welcome change. Very cute atmosphere hidden amongst commercial buildings and car dealers.

I had a beautifully made ciabatta sub filled with delicious braised lamb and a side of chips - now these had the crunch factor!

Rogue cafe and bar - you have my tick of approval.

Get excited for next weeks TT - it's going to be filled with exotic deliciousness.


Friday, 19 April 2013

FF: MTV Red Carpet

Hair down, drinks all round and party dress on! It's the MTV movie awards.

Rebel Wilson did indeed bring down under to the world of stars. Some jokes fell short but hosting any kind of award show is a tough act and Rebel I think it's safe to say you tried your hardest and you embraced the Ozzie.

Quvenzhane Wallis. She's just 9 years of age and she's got a personality that's off the charts. Gotta love the age appropriate attire - dayam! she got swag!

Zoe Saldana. You are one fine woman and just loving this look. It's a little ode to the 90s, but it's all so slimming, boho-esque lovin.

Emma Watson I have a terrible girl crush on you, it's debilitating at times. Why must you exude class and friendliness, be my friend!!!! This dress was typical Miss Watson style, but I just want to be engulfed by that cuteness, that smile, that all together sweet English rose. She's also dating an American student from Brown - she really is trying to be the everyday girl that occasionally stars in movies.

Best boys of the night - Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne (no surprises on their nationality...) These English gents looked the business. One super dapper in a navy blue suit and the other pulling off that bad boy leather jacket like nobodies business.

Kisses till Tuesday (hopefully) - uni is not being kind to me this semester.