Sunday, 23 December 2012

Two More Sleeps....

Why hello there long lost souls. I know it has been all rather sporadic and not in the least bit constant but I am indeed a wayward child.

So what brings me to the electronic pen and pad today? Well it's obvious isn't? Christmas Day is on our doorstep! Joy of Joys spread the Christmas cheer all round.

The past few days have been busy busy festive festive. I've done the big grocery shop, I've made the pudding and other treats, the halls have been decked, the carols by candlelight watched and the festive juices are bubbling away. I've still got a full speed ahead baking day ahead of me tomorrow wherein I shall slave happily away in the kitchen singing to all those merry carols.

But what brings me here today is the whole meaning of Christmas - I know, I know - it's all been said before but we always need a little Christmas cheer.

For me it isn't about the birth of someone, or that whole big R word - for me it's a very simple meaning. It isn't singular - I'm sure most of us think the same - it's about friends and family, it's the gift of giving of another year over looking back at all that was, smiling at your life and being grateful for everything that you have and not everything you wish you had.

I stuff myself full of delicious food because it's all apart of the celebration - indulge a little, let go a little, be happy - just for one day.

That's all it really needs to be. All those beautiful songs just tie a ribbon on it all. War is over, Our troubles will be miles away, no more lives torn apart. People come together and throw aside their differences, estranged relatives knock on your door, friendly faces give those in need a helping hand, children wake up to the magic of santa and the christmas tree, friends laugh and families bicker (in the traditional christmas feud which just ads to its' character)

So bring on the presents, the turkey and ham, get ready for oysters, prawns and a breakfast fry up, bring on the pudding and lather it with custard, pop the bons bons and watch the children all smiles and glistening eyes.

It's the most wonderful time of the year and two more sleeps is all that stands between me and the day of all days.

Also I promise on my love of Christmas I will post photos up of the big day - for I have many a dessert to show you.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

TT: The Festive Season Begins!

We all know it's my favourite time of year. I've decked the halls and pressed play on the endless joyful tunes of Christmas I'm all set to bring in the merry cheer.

So it all began in late October where I baked my grandma's famous Christmas cake and have since been greedily feeding it with festive rum.

And now I have just had the annual Christmas dinner with the friends. Bring on the kitchen utensils and Christmas spirit and I'm ready for a day cooking for my favourite gals.

I was a little preoccupied with playing hostess and laughing away the night to spend too much time taking photos - alas I completely forgot to snap the ham before the carve. Speaking of ham - it was a new recipe - quince paste and pear - deeeelious!

So the table was set, the red and green bunting was hung, the candles lit and the songs a buzzin. It was a table fit for such an occasion and we were definitely full of the Christmas spirit by the end of the night.

And le masterpiece of a dessert - YAY!!!!!! I did it - I defeated the beast that is the croquembouche! Lifting that cone up and seeing this success was truly a joy.

Enjoy the snaps.

Found these adorable tins and simply felt the urge to bake some Chrissy goods for my friends.

What to do with all that egg white left over from making creme patisserie? Make pavlova of course! I went for the pav stack instead this year, topped with refreshing mangoes.

And here it is!!! Can't wait to make it again and still can't believe that I did it.

Cheers to Christmas and can't wait to tell you more of my festive adventures.