Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TT: Food of the Gods

No, not caviar, seafood or gold leaf truffles.

It's food I can't live without.

It's a magical sort of thing that somehow comforts, that encases people with warmth and love, it's simple food yet fills the soul with delight and nourishment.

It is of course BREAD! It's a universal love, it is food for both gods and peasants. It is incandescent bliss.

YES! I stuck to my word and behold my first ever proper loaf of fresh home made bread!

Thanks to the fabulous baker brothers - Tom and Herbert (slight obsessions) I cannot wait for your next season! And of course thanks must also go to dear Sherry - who God bless her saved my delicate hands from much kneading.

So here it is - it was actual quite a success. It is no where near perfect but it did indeed rise and it did indeed smell and look and taste like fabulous white bread.

It was however not the softest - so I believe more kneading might be in order next time round.

So I shall keep on at it and of course keep dear you informed.

Sorry I didn't post on Friday... give me I chance and one day I will redeem myself...


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