Wednesday, 21 November 2012

TT: Birthday Cupcakes

Yes I do indeed realise today is Wednesday.... I would indeed be a very rich person if I got a dollar for every time I apologised.

Anyhow here we are only a day late.

It was my little nephew's first ever birthday on Sunday!!!

What a day and what a perfect opportunity for baking!

As his father is a professed nerd and love all things Mario what better theme for his son's first birthday.

So here they are - my first attempt at decorating cupcakes was I would say average. But I'm not the most artistic of people and I'm rather proud of them in a small personal kinda way :)You can definitely make them out and thankfully the general consensus was all smiles; but practice I shall.

Here are my coconut and pineapple cupcakes with blue coconut buttercream and all the characters of the great Mario world.

Enjoy and till next time a hearty good eating.


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