Friday, 2 November 2012

FF: The End Product

Here it is. I did it. I cleaned my entire wardrobe!

Isn't it such a sight to behold. I haven't seen my clothes this clearly since the new millennium. Will it last - of course not. I would like to see a girl who isn't royalty or someone with maids who maintains a pristine wardrobe. Granted I still believe it might be possible if my wardrobe was the size of two main bedrooms plus a flight of stairs - a girl can dream.

But I think I'll keep it this way for a little longer than usual (she says).

I'm also feeling a little out of touch with the whole busy lifestyle thing so I will make this my temporary job in order to maintain what little brain cells I still have.
My endless leisurely days have taught me a lot about myself. I am easily pleased and I am prone to being idle yet every now and again I actually still feel like little miss brain needs to turn on.

What else is happening in terms of the life of fashion me. Very little. My last purchase was a black blouse and my next purchase is a very diligent nothing. I refuse to buy more clothes unless absolutely necessary.

By that I mean if those red signs reach 60%. It's my goal and I intend to keep it (so she says).

So anyway off to the land of couch potato (just one more episode...)

Sadly I've still got no street shots for this Sunday but I shall most certainly see you Tuesday for the race that stops my nation.


PS: I do realise a couple of posts ago I mentioned something about a Christmas Cake. Don't worry I've done it but I'm going to leave that TT for somewhere down the line :)

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