Monday, 29 October 2012

TT: Banana Rama

I love seeing overripe bananas in my fruit bowl cause it means one thing - Banana bread!!!

It's probably one of the easiest things to bake and yet brings such a joy to people. Ingredients measured into a bowl and hand mix it together and ta-da it's ready for the cooking.
And you just gotta love that distinctly delicious smell as it bakes in the oven.

It's a loaf fit for morning, lunch and afternoon tea. Eat it on its own, toast it with butter, sprinkle it with cinnamon if you so desire. It's your call.

Banana bread - warm, comfortable and universally liked (an obvious generalization)

Yum! See you all Friday!

Friday, 26 October 2012

FF: Clean Out

Haven't seen one of these in while!

I'm cleaning out wardrobe. I tend to do this properly every couple of years I find it both rewarding and sad.

Rewarding because I get to see all the pretty clothes I have and sad because those pretty clothes have been regulated by me to the no longer wear pile.

And not because they are damaged, stained or even too small. It's simply because I've bought new clothes and they are simply neglected and my tastes change erratically.

The photo is the bunch of clothes that will find new homes. Whether that be my younger cousins or to a good cause.

I've been cleaning now for just over half an hour and I've still got the draw to do. Another feeling - frustration. I get so frustrated at my inability to keep my wardrobe neat. It really shouldn't be hard and considering the love I have for it, I really should feel some sort of obligation to nurture it.

A neat wardrobe is a fashion heaven. All that gorgeousness is right there in plain sight. An outfit to choose is an easy feat. Unlike my messy one which results in that pretty little number being hidden amongst the old tshirts and shorts wrinkled in the back corner.

Of course it would help if I had more room to work with. I have already taken the 2 other wardrobes in the house and yet each passing month the coat hangers begin to look like the inside of a Tokyo train.

Well that's my rewarding break. Off to tackle the destruction of the drawers.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

New beginnings

That's it. All over. No longer can I call myself a public servant.
So what's in store for the future. We all knew it was never a career path, I knew it was coming and I never saw it as a long term thing and yet there goes a pretty eventful chapter.
I learnt a whole lot of things and I'm grateful for the experience. I feel as if maybe I might just have a small advantage. Maybe I can rise above the crowd, a student with three years work experience - not bad.
I'm unemployed and I'm saying yes, this is more than ok. I'll start a new, i'll write a new book.

Step 1 - purchase a kitchen aid OMG! I really never knew I could literally fall in love with an inanimate object. She's called Sherry and she's my precious baby.

Step 2 - do my best at something I was never keen on doing.
So I've finished TV week at uni and it was one daunting and intensely nerve racking experience. So three out of the 5 days I was to head out with a professional camera crew and report on a story I was assigned. The other 2 days I would stay in the newsroom and write international and national stories using footage from channel 7 and international provider reuters.
So my three days as junior reporter were a mixture of excitement, nerves and sheer outer territory. Yeah I got to ride in the back of a van and feel like I was genuinely doing something rather important and yes I went out and set up interviews and put together an entire news package and I'm grateful for the experience.
BUT one thing I have most certainly ruled out is just that - I shall not be a reporter. I loved the learning experience but I could never do that as a job. It's far too much work for far too little money. Some reporters are in office by 5 and don't get out till 8 at night. No way - that's not my cup of tea.
No wonder why every broadcast journo wants to be an anchor. All they literally do is read the news which all these hard working reporters wrote.
So I've made my debut on local television, I've seen a glimpse of real life reporting and I can now say I've done that.

Step 3 - Bake bread. I have yet to attempt this and doughs of all sorts terrify me but now with my baby Sherry helping me each step of the way I'm ready to tackle a dreaded recipe.

Step 4 - Stop buying things when I have no money to spend. I'm just so use to a steady income it's hard to realise that my bank account will not increase every fortnight. THINK!

Step 5 - Take it all in. These youthful years are the best (so I'm told) so cherish it I shall. There's much ahead of me and for now I'm happy for all that to stay in the dark. I'm happy with the life I lead and I'm more than happy to let things pan out as they should.

Ciao. See you sometime next week where I will be talking Christmas Cake!