Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So what's news?

Mysteriously disappearing is obviously old news and passing the days at uni is also getting tiresome.

I've had some very new experiences this week and I've been placed very much outside of the comfort zone.

Broadcasting was never apart of the long term plan and I'm almost certain is still isn't. But uni has yet again made me do things. This week is radio prac week where each day I awake, hurriedly get some story ideas intact and pitch just like a newsroom.
Then I've got about 3 hours in where I must call people for my story, interview them, get grabs, write my script, record my voice, edit my package. Yep! The whole radio news shabang.

It's heart racing, stressful stuff. One of the biggest things I've learnt this week - people aren't the nicest. No time for the humble uni student, "oh yes we will call you back" - LIES!!! Well at least I know I'm extremely good at dealing with rejection.

Then there's those lovely people who know what it's like to be a student. I need this interview to get my degree! Hand me a little sympathy!

So my tutors haven't lied - I did learn and I did grow in confidence just in four days. And yes it's true - they are saying no cos you aren't ABC. This is the hardest it will ever get so they kept telling us. Now at the end of it I actually believe them.

I got to read the news on radio live and I got to talk to a whole bunch of people and reach a tight deadline. I did it and I think that deserves something.

Apart from that nothing much to report. When will I be back to normal? Time will tell but I have TV prac coming up soooo not before then.

Brief you on that too. Im sure that's gonna be another huge learning curve.


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