Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It's Been Far Too Long


Left you in the dark cold night, didn't leave a note, didn't say where I was going and for that I give you my sincere apologies.

I have no rightful excuse, I have no dying confession to make, no life threatening disaster - I have simply been idle and much too preoccupied with my personal life - sorry!

So what has been happening since last I saw thee. Well the answer to that is a resoundingly boring one.

I've been tired and all together a bit of a slob. I'm sure we all get those moments (if you say no to this than I'm sure you are not being honest with yourself or you are not human). Too preoccupied with the inner workings of my brain with little energy to string words together. In truth, I have been a little lost and asking myself the most silliest of questions but alas I have returned.

Ok, so nothing of life changing weight has ravaged my little world so let us catch up on the small life of me:

Apart from sleeping, eating, sitting on buses, boring my way through uni, getting the boot from my comfortable job (if you aren't a Queenslander you won't get this - but low down is that public servants are getting the sack as our new government tries to fix our ginormous debt...long story and much too tiresome to repeat again). But apart from that I have turned yet another year older!

I think birthdays are really important things. Without them we wouldn't exist. I haven't exactly grown up in an environment which spoils you with birthday surprises. I was infinitely jealous of my school friends. Come their birthday they would tell tales of waking up to breakfast in bed, balloons outside their door, kids would open their lunch boxes to the sight of a slice of cake, confetti, their favourite treats or a surprise card from mum, complete with the tacky familiar song as they open it with happy hands.
Again, a generational and cultural gap stands between the healthy relationship of daughter and parent.
I do believe I just needed to rant on that for a bit as this state of mind tends to conquer my world come each birthday. Self loathing is indeed much too unhealthy.

Thank god for friends and siblings who understand birthdays are a time of joy. As the song goes - we could be heroes just for one day.

But enough enough I'm going to drop some honesty.

I still adore writing, I still am entirely in the dark about my future but I've come to realise as is the rest of the world (well. Most)

So be optimistic and place your faith in my hands for I will remain writing whether people say yes or no to me - maybe it is the one thing I like doing (that isn't a waste of time rewatching the best of my tv collection)

So yes, this semester I may be a little fleeting - like those hip pop up restaurants or spontaneous theatre productions, an unexpected sun beam through the window - I will be here as much as I can and as long as I have something worthy to tell thee.

I will post something more tasty within the week but surprises as to what day...


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