Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday Whim

I'm on a Thursday kinda writing day and I simply just had to share a little thought -

I have resisted for so long now and I decided to break it. If you know me at all I'm talking about my annual ban on shopping. Especially after I was informed I would no longer have a job come October my head went into sensible overdrive and my brain said no more shopping for you! And honestly, cross my heart I adhered to my promise.

But that would only last so long - just like a delicious meal or hours in a day. I would break and return to habits of old. So yes, the red signs appeared in the window, the pretty dresses had less 0s and my credit card was getting a little too lazy.

So yes, over the past two weeks I have hit the shops and I have added to my wardrobe. Damn Damn Damn! The first occasion I gave myself an excuse - you need to give yourself a birthday present don't you? Of course I do.

The second time I thought - yes, I absolutely need this white shirt for I have none. And yes, this shopping trip I entered the wonderful Cue and was greeted by smiling and efficient customer service - I simply had to reward her with a buy.

Ok, so yes maybe I didn't need another pretty dress, maybe I would not have died if I didn't buy that crisp white shirt, maybe another skirt was not an absolute must in my wardrobe but a girl's got to have some sort of hobby.

It is strange how we women think. We save, save save and then suddenly we got out one day and reward our self discipline. We say "yes, look at all the money I saved, I deserve a present." So we try on that dress, those shoes and despite the pricey tag we run through the reasoning - hey, look at all the money you have saved - so really you aren't going over your budget, you are simply making up for lost time.

Then we returned to the bank account a month later and we heave a heavy sigh.

For me it hits me real bad come tax time. I open my group certificate and my eyes head immediately to the bottom right corner - 'gross income' = Oh Dear Lord! I earned THAT much last financial year??? Where in the world did that all go!!!!! Did a fairy come in and steal it overnight? Did I accidently give thousands to a charity? This can't be right!

It is shamefully right. I handed over my well earned money to sales assistants, corporate masses, caffeine fixes, foreign exchange and travel agents. I didn't think "lucky me, I should save this for say an apartment, future life bills, or some sort of massive holiday"

I comfort myself in the notion that actually I'm really not bad - I do save, just maybe not as much as I could. Plus, most of that well earned money did disappear into the world of planes, trains and discovery and that I am most certainly not regretful of. No time of saving could ever take that away from me.

So, yes I most probably won't be able to take a month long trip across the globe this year and yes I might actually have to stop eating out and credit card swiping. But things only last so long.

As we all know - in time, this too shall pass.


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