Friday, 21 September 2012


I count myself as a morning person (most of the time).

There is something so inviting about the early hours. The earlier you wake, the more you can fit in. The temperature is not yet too hot and the sun is that perfect warmth that touches your bones just so. Then there's that smell, the sound of birds tweeting, the dew delicately decorating the grass, the feeling you and the open sky is having a moment.

I'm waiting for 10 o'clock. Class begins just for an hour - the only reason why I'm not at home in my jammys, a cup of tea and some Jane Austen while gazing out at the beautiful overcast day.

So apart from this small chore, today I think I'm in a good mood. Despite this cough that is as persistent as a desperate man the friday is making me smile.

I'll head home at 11, cook me a comforting lunch, possibly rewatch me a movie or maybe watch a new one and then I shall wind down the afternoon baking a birthday cake for my grandma. O how perfect! See - I'm not fooling myself or hiding behind a mask - the small things in life really are my preferred drug.

Tonight I'm off to see a show - its called SOAP and I hope it's going to be as entertaining as the show I saw last week - la soirée! Now that was what I call a circus ;) look it up - its one damn fine sexy thang.

The last couple of entries have indeed been more journal based with very little food or fashion but I like a little change and life's pretty darn random anyway.

I should get up the final outcome of Le cake im a bakin' next week.


Sorry about those last two sentences - they read a little ol American - I might possibly be listening to some good old country while writing this....

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