Tuesday, 7 August 2012

TT: Experimental

... and here it is!

Each year I turn my kitchen into a wannabe masterchef bench. This year is slightly different - I truly was masterchefing the pants off it.

For the first time in my small culinary history I decided to go without a recipe. Yep - I decided to use my gut instinct and my somewhat learned brain to come up with my own little invention - it truly was an "invention test" and I think I may have just succeeded with minimal kinks in the armour.

Baked lime cheesecake, topped with lime sour cream, coconut milk ice cream, raspberry jelly, a sour cream and lime jelly and a pistachio praline.

So this is the result -

Too much gelatine in the sour cream, too little gelatine in the raspberry, probably a little too thick on the cheesecake base. Super chuffed about my simply yet delicious ice cream and finely crushed pistachio praline which added that lovely textural crunch to the dish - tre Masterchef indeed.

My creative juices were flowing as I decided to set my home-made jelly in the empty lime shells.


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  1. don't mind me just casually stalking but seriously! O.M.G gurrrllll that is amazing! totally inspired!