Tuesday, 21 August 2012

TT: The English Way

To keep calm and carry on? To talk about the weather constantly? To have a stiff upper lip?

Yes all the above but today I'm talking about the fine English tradition of my favourite afternoon activity - HIGH TEA!!!

These days you can get any generic high tea at any local cafe or hotel joint but sometimes nothing beats the quiet intimacy of your own backyard. With a little touch of individuality and always a lot of class.

I decided to christen our new outdoor extension with sweets and cucumber sandwiches amongst close friends - what a way to say hello.

It's always good to have options - so a serving of plenty is key. Coconut tea, lemongrass & ginger and of course the obligatory yet classically traditional English Breakfast tea. Then there's all the savoury deliciousness found in the beauty of tiny bite sized sandwiches, I also went a little fancy and rolled a few smoked salmon numbers. Baked fresh that morning - some lovely buttermilk scones, flourless brownies, mini vanilla cupcakes and coconut and apricot fingers.

Dress your table up - note to self - buy more pretty things!
And you have every right to keep calm and have one delightfully smashing high tea.

PS: Sorry about the lack of post on Sunday.... not going to lie but this might be happening a little bit as this uni semester is more cramped then a Japanese subway - so my palm are sweaty, my tension high and my spare time short.


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