Tuesday, 14 August 2012

TT: Cupcake

This is my little nod to the Ekka. The inspiration was those iconic Strawberry sundaes.

It's white chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry butter frosting! Thought I'd use my pretty new candy cane striped paper cups for they screamed happy days and childish whimsy - fond memories of mind blowing excitement as a child counting down the days till I was playing around at the Ekka, eating as much fairy floss as my stomach could handle and nagging the parents for more showbags (these are bags which you can purchase filled with all sorts of goodies - mainly lollies and novelty toys - it's a heaven for the young).

I'm back Friday with the last of my Olympic obsession.

PS: As part of a unit I'm studying in journalism I have to keep up a weekly blog - so yes double work for me but just in case the world of online journalism is a random curiosity of yours check it out here. (and there will be no missing or late posts for assessment is my underlying motivation)


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