Sunday, 12 August 2012

SS: Country Meets City

I have returned from another day at the wonderful EKKA - for all you non locals the Ekka is an annual show where country meets city - think school fate on steroids, or village carnival on crack. Long story short it's actual official title is called the The Royal Queensland Show.But as I never forget to tell you - we Aussies are extremely lazy and we can't help but shorten absolutely everything.

Sorry I get a little distracted with everything that is on offer - free tastings, ridiculously fatty foods - huge apologies in this department - you see, you can't go to the Ekka without eating a Dagwood Dog (google it) It's pretty much a deep fried sausage coated in this holy extremely sinful batter on a stick, doused in tomato sauce. Unfortunately I have no photo as my stomach and eyes said hell yeah way before the word photo every sprung to mind. It's a celebration of our wonderful outback, it's a bringing together of country folk and city folk. It's got it all and it is indeed an institution.

Here are a few happy snaps! Sorry that these images don't truly encapsulate the whole atmosphere of this gigantic event but believe me - it's definitely quite something.

This is it - THE strawberry sundae. Another thing that is unique to this show. I should also mention strawberries could be deemed the icon of the Ekka - there is no doubting the sweetness and ore inspiring quality of these delicious berries. I have always had this theory strawberry fields have two sections - one for general annual selling and the other reserved for Ekka. So let me explain - an ice cream cone, filled with vanilla ice cream, followed by freshly cut strawberries, topped with strawberry ice cream, topped with a little bit of whipped cream and that famous Ekka strawberry to finish the pretty picture.

Ok, so there are countless competitions ranging from dog breeding, knitting, best bird in show, cuts of hanging meat, photography and a dear favourite - cake decorating. It's epic stuff - it's legendary. People are amazing and skills are forever inspiring. These are two fine examples of cakes that are much much too pretty to eat.

Yes - that is a cake - all of it - a CAKE!

ANIMALS!!! These little cuties are a big part of my love of the country. Who wouldn't want a miniature horse.

This was taken in the feeding area - where for a $1 you walk amongst sheep and lambs of all sorts, I love getting close to them and this little baby stole my heart away.

See - I told you it was outback meets city. This is the wood chopping - got to be one of favourite parts. Yeah as in big burly men with axes hacking at wood. It is a feast of masculinity and rugged terrain. So yeah - the Ekka also has a lot of that typical Aussie idea - the man in jeans, shirt and akubra hat, possibly carrying a whip...

Signing out because I need to sleep off all that fatty food and Ekka excitement.


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