Tuesday, 7 August 2012

FF: Olympic Style

Yes it might be not be Friday or Sunday but I am bombarding you with three posts today - better late then never right?
So here goes -

Well we can't talk Olympic style without mentioning THE gorgeous duchess. Absolutely loving her constant devotion to her job. I couldn't stop at one outfit for there are simply too many to aww and wow about - well done yet again Kate -

She's really been over wearing these wedges and blazer - but hey we all do it and it's just working and I love how appropriately casual and understated British the whole story it -

For the dressier occasion - she annoyingly shines yet again

Another royal - a favourite of mine... blue shirt = epic win! ;) Simply compare the two side by side - A perfect example of how a man wears his clothes rather than the clothes wearing him.

An older yet still classy duchess. She gets a lot of cop but I would like to put in a good word for her -

I absolutely love Stella McCartney's Team Great Britain's uniforms, they are super stylish and, modern and despite the controversy of the union jack being only blue- I say bollocks to that, this uniform is pukka! O and a massive congratulations to Andy Murray - you've done your country proud.

Love the touch of the union jack sweatbands

Patriotic tendencies are in full swing and so they should be - now that's what I call some serious star spangled bling -

Another American star - Michelle Obama continues to be the ever dazzling first lady -

You know what we don't get enough of - glittery synchronized swimmers. Now that's some industrial strength waterproof makeup. Russia paid homage to the late and great MJ - I'm looking at the women in the mirror...


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