Friday, 17 August 2012

FF: Goodbye London

Oh Great Britain - I still love you (always have, always will).

The Olympic closing ceremony was something the dear ol' Brits should be pretty proud of. The English should be pretty darn chuffed with the past two weeks, in fact maybe the closing ceremony makes up for that horrible opening number.

In essence - a mass concert filled with the best of the British. Granted I had to deal with seeing One Direction yet again, and yes maybe Jessie J hogged the light a little with two numbers but all in all I was rather impressed. I mean Eric Idle singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life that is absolute gold - and unlike Hey Jude, a rather fitting song. Random man being fired from a canon, ballet dancers, The Who, Wonderwall - I say top notch job.

Two words - Spice. Girls! They sure spiced up my life.

And they delivered what I asked for - black London taxis! What would make that even better? light up taxis with the Spice Girls riding on top.

Kate Moss - how is it that I can hate and love you at the same time? A celebration of all the super models this land has given the world -

This is what I wanted! Showcase your great monuments and have Shakespeare quotes sprawled across the stage - thank you!

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