Saturday, 11 August 2012

FF: Fashion on the Big Screen

Sorry this is a day late I seriously had it all ready for yesterday - you can blame my preoccupation with the Olympics. Damn you Usain Bolt - why must you be so charismatic!

I love a good movie - actually I'm prone to spend my days off cuddled beneath the sheets watching movie after movie - repeat after repeat.

The fashion of the big screen has long been a fascination and I would jumps leaps and bounds to get a glimpse of a Hollywood movie set wardrobe.

I'm sure I'll miss some of my countless favourites but here are a few breathtakingly memorable frocks and looks that spontaneously spring to mind -

Typical me - Miss Audrey Hepburn is my Queen of timeless style. The minute she came on screen in this beauty, Sabrina was destined to become a classic -
She deserves a list of her own when it comes to iconic frocks

The Notebook - this is my kind of era. So many beautiful outfits from both leads. oh Allie and Noah, you really are heaven.
Why don't they make bikinis like this anymore?

Atonement = beautiful movie, beautiful actors, beautiful costume design. The gorgeous James McAvoy would not be human if he could resist Keira in that. This dress showed of Miss Knightley in every possible fashion and girls the world over wanted a replica. I for one had dreams of this. Give me a shade of green as perfect as this and I'd cower beneath anyone's feet.

Anne Hathaway really did steal my heart in The Devil Wears Prada - this is one dangerous credit card movie and I will never tire at ogling at this aesthetically beautiful film. Each outfit is absolutely wow factor - I mean can you imagine thigh high Chanel boots! Sorry, I couldn't just choose the one - it felt illegal and unforgiving.

Sticking with The Sound of Music, wasn't Liesl just stunningly innocent in this ethereal timeless frock. All those years ago my innocent wiles just wishing to be sixteen going on seventeen - again sadly being let down by reality and the deceitful promise of movie fantasy. Eager young lads and rogues and cads will offer you food and wine .... I think not. More like maccas and cheap booze

Singin in the Rain an all time favourite musical. Debbie Reynolds simply shines alongside the magical Gene Kelly. This romantic number always makes me sigh.
There are some seriously amazing frocks throughout the film and I'm itching for a rewatch.

Another Audrey film - My Fair Lady oozed feminine from every angle. Everyone always talks about THAT Ascot dress but I earn for simplicity.
This peachy number got me dreaming of clouds and sun kissed afternoons. I would love to walk on the street where you live in that.

Pretty Woman - I'm sure most of us secretly wanted to be a call girl after watching this (if only movies really did depict life accurately)... Don't we all just love this scene. She's perfectly adorable! and he's perfectly rich and wonderful.

Titanic - the great epic it was, the great dream, the romance of the tale, the tragedy of it all. Rose was every bit the perfect depiction. Yes there was the blingy dresses and the oversized hats but for me it had to be this dress.
Thanks to my special feature fetish I can tell you the costume designers spent countless days and nights perfecting this dress to make sure it looked stunning both dry and wet.

Sorry, I couldn't resist another Hepburn classic. Discovering the city of Rome on a Vespa wearing this is definitely a fantasy of mine. It is so simple and yet so covetable.

Ok, that's enough! I better stop before it get's messy and my fickle minds starts clicking the add to cart button.


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