Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Ramble

I've done it again - broken the rules, repeated the same mistakes and for that I am sorry. But nevertheless we shall endear and I shall keep being little old unreliable me for a while.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little under the weather and felt sorry for myself under my blanket and comfort of tea and TV shows. Today, I have decided to indulge with some of the thoughts that tumbled amongst my idle day.

My bucket list. We all have one of some loose description I'm sure. Mine could go on centuries past my expiry date and I'm not too morbid and selfish that I have sat down with pen and paper numbering off my list. But what I have done is thought about it from time to time.

Almost all my bucket list concerns travel. I've been lucky enough to see many of the places I've wanted to see and yet there are still countless places on the must travel list -

Go to Rio Carnival

Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina

Travel to my favourite English stately homes

Go on some sort of Jane Austen pilgrimage

The Bronze horseman pilgrimage

See Washington DC - tour of the White House

Stay at the Ritz, London

Taj Mahal, India, African safari, Christ the Redeemer, pyramids of Giza

See the Aurora Borealis

Sit in Red Square

Go on a gondola in Venice (yes, I have already been to Venice but felt it inappropriate to take a romantic gondola ride)

See the grand canyon, niagra falls, St Petersburg, Greece, Hadrian's Wall, Ireland, The Kimberley in my own country, travel the Amazon and sit on the Seychelles.

Then there are more simple things -

Read all the books I've always wanted to read

Watch the top 100 movies of all time (well, maybe the top 50)

Walk through one of those gigantic hedge mazes

Make an awesome cake for a celebration

Eat at Noma, The Fat Duck and any Jamie Oliver restaurant

There are things outside of my little comfort zone -

Climb a mountain

Hike up Machu Picchu


Go to the airport and hop on the next available flight - that one is a big one on my list and I will be one extremely happy camper when that day comes along.

Fly in a helicopter

Difficult things that require discipline, money and whatever else -

Learn to speak another language - Spanish, Italian, Chinese

Complete a Summer literature course at Cambridge

Fly first class

Be a published writer

Teach English in a developing country

Be able to say I am a successful woman in whatever I might become

Then there are things I keep to myself - whether they be utterly frivolous, shallow or slightly inappropriate.

Sometimes I think it is pointless to think about this list because in terms of travel there are few places I do not want to go - ok, so takeaway the dangerous no go zones of the world I'm an open notebook just waiting to be filled.

That is just the tip of my list and I'm sure I've forgotten some big ones.

I think it is more than healthy to list these kind of things for yourself - it keeps you sane and it gives you something to strive toward, something to look forward to.


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  1. "Be able to say I am a >>>HAPPY<<< woman in whatever I might become."

    Have a great week Alicia! It's boiling hot here in New York City!